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Who has never dreamed of immersing themselves in traditional Japanese culture? The timeless beauty and unique culture present within Japan are recognized internationally. Japan has always been one of the most attractive countries for tourism due to its originality and the strong presence of ancient traditions. In this article, we invite you to take a closer look at one of Japan’s most famous festivals: The Japanese Sakura Festival.

What is the cherry blossom festival?

The word Sakura in Japanese refers to cherry trees and their flowers. The most common species is the white cherry, which is called somei yoshino. You should know that they are culturally very recognized in the Japanese tradition and that during their blooms different Japanese cherry blossom festivals take place in several places in Japan.

There are about a hundred different types of sakura in Japan, the flower color of which can vary from white to pink or even yellow. This variation in hues that the flowers can have adds to the beauty of the spring periods with the diversity of sakura found in Japan. The sakura blossom represents one of the symbolic images of Japan and that is why it is drawn on the back of the coins. Japan’s oldest cherry tree can be found at Jisso-ji Temple in Yamanashi in between Mount Fuji and Matsumoto. Its name is Jindai Zakura.

when is cherry blossom festival in japan

When spring arrives and sakura blossoms, it is part of the custom of practice the hanami, which refers to observing flowers. This practice of getting together with family and friends to observe and celebrate the arrival of floral spring is very old. At the time, the arrival of sakura blossoms generally heralded the entry into the rice plantation. In addition, many beliefs were associated with this flowering period and offerings were placed at the feet of the sakura. Hanami is still practiced in Japan today, especially at sakura festivals. Families and friends gather there for a picnic together. It is also a very popular time for photographers. There is not a proper statistic on how many people go to the sakura blossom festival. However, it is one of the most crowded tourist seasons for Japan which is one of the only negative aspects of the festival.

When is the cherry blossom festival in Japan?

traditional japanese cherry blossom

If you are interested in discovering the beauty of this tradition which is still so symbolic in Japan, it is important to inform yourself about the cherry blossom festival japan dates. Subsequently, we will give you a more general flowering schedule so that you can enjoy the sublime beauty of the blooming Sakura flowers. However, the blooms vary depending on the weather and different regions of Japan. In general, it is between the end of March and the beginning of April, so to speak during the spring.

To have an accurate flowering date, the Japanese Meteorological Association maintains a prime bourgeois arrival calendar taking into consideration the weather and the region. Therefore, if you are planning to go discover the cherry blossom festival, we recommend that you find out about the flowering dates in the region you wish to visit. For example, in Okinawa which enjoys a more tropical climate, flowering begins in January until the end of April. On the other hand, in more northern regions like Hokkaido, you can enjoy the sublime landscapes until the end of May.

Where is the cherry blossom festival in Japan?

where is the cherry blossom festival in japan

Since 1990, Japan has compiled a list of the most beautiful places to practice hanami and enjoy the beauty of blossoming sakura. For the Hokkaido region, Matsumae Castle located on the edge of a river is considered one of the most beautiful places to enjoy flowering festivals. You can easily find the most beautiful sites such as castles and parks of the different regions that interest you for your future trip. All you have to do is coordinate them with the flowering periods to create your own hanami itinerary to enjoy the beauty and art present in our nature.

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