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biggest flea market in the world

If you love buying unique and sometimes antiques at an affordable price, then the flea market is the place for you. Each market has its specifics, so if you love to travel, be sure to check out the local flea market. Check out our top of the best flea markets in the world for a must-see.

Top flea markets with a worldwide reputation

If you are traveling and have arrived in one of the countries described below, then be sure to visit the flea market. And best of all, arrange a world tour of the best flea markets in the world.

Portobello Market in London (UK)

portobello photo london

It is the largest daily flea market in the world, you can find there absolutely everything you need and what you could not even think of. For example, a rare edition of your favorite book, vinyl records, or an antique floor lamp for your living room. You can safely spend the whole day there and do not be afraid that you will be hungry. After all, food is also sold there.

Rose Bowl Flea Market in Pasadena (California, USA)

Rose Bowl Flea Market photo

For about 47 years now, this biggest flea market in the world has been helping millions of buyers find the exact vintage or antique painting by a local artist that they need to decorate their home. Every second Sunday of the month, from morning until 16.30, shoppers rush to the flea market to get aesthetic pleasure from what they see and buy something for themselves.

Marché aux Puces in Paris (France)

largest flea market in the world

This 150-year-old market keeps pace with the times. When 12 separate markets merged into one, many buyers began to call it the largest flea market in the world. This market is unique in that you can find both things from the past centuries and modern trinkets there. By the way, you can arrange delivery and pay by credit card.

Mauerpark Flohmarkt in Berlin (Germany)

best flea markets in the world

Each of us can become a seller in this market. Here you will feel the real spirit of the market, with noisy auctions and cheerful music of street musicians. It sells things that the owners no longer need, but may be useful to you. For example, a student is selling his old textbooks, or a grandmother is selling the knitted socks or her silverware. The flea market is open every Sunday and waits for the new buyers.

Feria de San Telmo in Buenos Aires (Argentina)

second-largest flea market in the world

The world’s most awesome flea market is Feria de San Telmo. The market is located in an enchanting quarter, where there is always a party. Therefore, when you did your shopping, after that you can plunge into the atmosphere of street tango. Every Sunday from 10 am to 4 pm, about 270 kiosks are open and waiting for their customers. Here you can buy a vintage trinket from the tumultuous times of Argentina. The assortment of the market is like the history of Argentina itself.

El Rastro in Madrid (Spain)

largest daily flea market in the world

This is one of the oldest, and according to the opinions of the people, the second-largest flea market in the world. In the market, you can find both antiques and brand new things. You have the opportunity even every Sunday to come to the market, bargain, and leave happy with the right thing. We recommend that you go in search of treasures in the morning.

The Souks in Marrakech (Morocco)

biggest flea market in the world

It is the collective name for a network of incredible markets in the heart of Marrakech. Let us mention three of them.

  • Creiee Berbere. Here you can find a carpet that you like. Since this is a real carpet world.
  • Souq Haddadine. In this market, some of the products are created before your eyes. You can see how the blacksmith handles iron as well as other craftsmen.
  • Souq el Attarine. If you are a lover of massages and pleasant smells of aromatic oils, then you are in this market.

The atmosphere of the Souks will captivate you with unusual products and spicy smells. Don’t miss your chance to visit it.

Grand Bazaar in Istanbul (Turkey)

Grand Bazaar Istanbul photo

This world-famous flea market is one of the attractions in Istanbul. You have heard about this market since childhood. After all, it was in the Grand Bazaar that Aladdin and Abu stole food. Bargaining is part of Turkish culture, so this is where you can hone your skills. You can find absolutely everything on the market: spices, oriental sweets, silks, traditional items, carpets, lamps, pipes, and much more. For the 6th century, the bazaar has not lost its originality.

Hell’s Kitchen Flea Market in New York (USA)

Hell's Kitchen Flea Market in New York

This is a real paradise for lovers of vintage clothing and jewelry. Local designers sell their work every Saturday and Sunday from 9:00 to 17:00. By the way, this market is also known for a noble goal, since part of its profits, about 25%, are donated to a charity local artists.

Have you visited at least one flea market from the list or maybe some other? If so, share your impressions in the comments. We hope that it was interesting for you and that there was a desire to organize such a tour for yourself. Thank you for reading the article to the end. We have much more to share with you. See you soon on the pages of our blog!

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