Palau: fishing and Japanese holidays

fishing and Japanese holidays

The state of Palau seems like a tropical paradise surrounded by coral reefs and an exotic underwater world. Beautiful weather, clean beaches, and gentle waves of the Philippine Sea are always waiting for visitors. The country is an archipelago of 343 islands, some of which are slightly larger than the football field. Here you will find a full range of water activities – relaxed swimming, diving, amazing sea fishing. This is the ideal place for tired of crowded popular resorts. After all, you can settle in a secluded place and rest on it in the distance from everyone.

The population of this country was most influenced by Western civilizations. The state system and customs of ancestors were forgotten, and the way of political and daily life in the United States came to their place. This happens primarily because young people go abroad to study, and most often to the states, where they bring new values and introduce the culture of Western civilization. But many local traditions have been preserved as well.

If you’d rather dive than watch the float, read about the Marshall Islands.

Travel to different islands

To get acquainted with the main sights of this country, you will have to travel to different islands. Fortunately, many of them are connected by bridges, so you can safely rent a car. First of all, we recommend you to go to the city of Koror, located on the island of the same name. It used to be the capital and has preserved many beautiful buildings since then. You will see the remains of the shipwrecks in the vicinity of the city. If you are interested in history, you should visit the Historical Museum. The center of dolphins will give you a lot of impressions. Not far from the capital there are the most beautiful Rock Islands.

Malakal Island

The next point for a trip to Palau is Malakal Island. This is a real Mecca for fishing enthusiasts. Here you will be glad to see the most fish places, where the rich catch awaits even beginners. Go to Babeldaob Island to see beautiful basalt monoliths of unknown origin. It’s also home to the country’s largest lake, Lake Ngardoch, and one of the Pacific’s highest waterfalls, Ngardmau.

Those interested in World War II chronicles should visit Angaur Island, where the cemetery of planes and other equipment of that time is located. And those wishing to dive better stay on the island of Ngemelis, where you can see underwater amazing beauty, “German Channel” and “Dexters Wall” reefs with gray sharks.

Weather conditions

Weather conditions here are quite uniform all year round. The air warms up to 30°C during the day and the temperature at night is kept at 25°C. The water is always warm and does not drop below 27°C. It rains almost every day, mostly in the dark. The least amount of rain falls from October to May. The rainy period is from June to September. But the prices for stays in Palau are high all year round. Especially they grow during the Japanese holidays – it is the inhabitants of the Land of the Rising Sun rest here more often than others. Most of them happen during the New Year holidays, as well as in the periods from late April to early May and the first half of August. If you don’t want to stumble across the Japanese, who congregate on land and underwater, then go to Palau at another time.

Palau is a safe country where vacationers are not in danger. It is enough to follow basic rules – watch your belongings, do not take large sums of money, and if possible drink bottled water. Get vaccinated against hepatitis A and B before you go. When diving, choose your dive sites carefully. If you are new to diving, do so under the guidance of an instructor only.

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