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A few months ago, COVID19 came into our lives and changed it completely in different ways. One of the fields that were hit first and the hardest was tourism, as borders shut down and traveling is banned in most of the world’s tourist center. Many of us were forced to cancel our planned trip, which naturally left us missing the excitement and thrill of going on a plane somewhere far away. On days like these, when the only traveling available to us is through our screens, we enjoy following travelers on Instagram and feeling, even if just for a second, like we’re there with them.

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If you miss traveling like we do and want to get a taste of the world’s most beautiful views through your phone screen, here are a few travelers on Instagram we think you’ll love:

  • Drew Binsky (@drewbinsky) – This guy is the ultimate nomad. Trying to achieve his goal of visiting every country on the planet, Drew has been traveling for years all around the world, even the most unexpected places you won’t see in any other blog. From Yemen to Somalia and North Korea, Binsky’s Instagram is all about stories, cultures, and people. What we love about Drew is that he can always teach us things we didn’t know about different places and cultures.
  • Lauren Bullen (@gypsea_lust) – We have one word for you: AESTHETICS. Lauren is an Australian travel blogger living with her partner in Bali, posting pictures from her life on the island and her travels. Her Instagram is filled with the most breathtaking beaches and cities, paired with her amazing style and original filters. Lauren’s profile is our favorite sight for sore eyes on days when most of the views we see are out of our window.
  • Pavel Bendov (@imxplorer) – Pavel is a photographer living between New York and Los Angeles, and taking pictures of the city life of the two, and a few others as well. During the last few months, Pavel posted many photos of cities under the COVID crisis as we’ve never seen before.
  • Kelly Lack (@kellyalack) – Kelly brings us beautiful views and moments from her journeys around the United States. If you ever plan a trip across the West Coast, take a look at Kelly’s profile for the best spots to visit. Until then, just enjoy the aesthetically pleasing pictures and stories.
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