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major attractions in new zealand

Located in the Pacific Ocean, New Zealand is probably one of the most gorgeous countries on earth in spite of its small size and carries on itself a heavy History, culture, and attractions for the best pleasure of tourists and locals. Stunning national parks, amazing hiking trails, and probably the best spots for ski and surfing; the perfect melting pot for pure happiness and a preview taste of heaven. We collected in this article the top New Zealand attractions and best sights in New Zealand.


new zealand main attractions

New Zealand’s biggest city of Aukland is ideal to start your journey. It’s indeed one of New Zealand most famous places, and the paradise for wine lovers and vacationers, as the softness of its climate and the closeness of the sea make Aukland one of the most desired and envied city all over the world and make the greatest pleasure of tourists and locals every year.

On the quiet Gulf of Hauraki swarm tons of sailboats and islands, hence the nickname of Aukland “City of Sails”. Half an hour from the city center spread beautiful wild beaches and hiking tracks through verdant vegetation. By the beauty of its beaches, its rich flora, and the shiny forests, Waiheke, and Great Barrier island are ideal nature places, and Waiheke is known as the “island of wine”.

To enjoy all the spices and delights of Aukland, we recommend you stay few days and maybe come back at the end of your journey to have the time to explore treasures and hidden corners of the city.

Coromandel Peninsula

Located 1h30 from Aukland, Coromandel Peninsula is the top New Zealand tourist spot not only for foreigners, as well for locals who love to admire the beautiful coastal landscapes of the northern part of the island, the native forests of Pohutukawa in the west, and the stunning white-sand beaches spreading in the East.

Coromandel is also super famous for its thermal activity, you can just dig a hole in the sand on the beach of Hot Water and you have your own thermic pool! Don’t miss the guided kayak tour until the Cove Cathedral, which is a must and probably one of New Zealand’s top sights.

Bay of Plenty

One of the best New Zealand sightseeing will be found at the Bay of Plenty. As its name indicate, the Bay is indeed plenty of charm and features stunning preserved beaches from Tauranga to Whakatane, the two main cities of the Bay. A helicopter tour over the active Volcano of White Island is the top tourist attraction in New Zealand and a really romantic gateway for couples.

Te Puke, Opotiki, Tauranga, Mount Maunganui, and Papamoa also are the favorite New Zealand tourist spots, and the sailing lovers, the Bay of Plenty has some of the best attractions in New Zealand, with dolphins, sea lions, penguins and in the season, even whales as best escorting fellows. The Bay of Plenty will happily host you in its numerous bed and breakfasts, lodges, and motels along its coast.


best sights in new zealand

A stay in the “Sulphur City” is definitely the New Zealand main attraction and you don’t want to miss it. Located 2h30 from Auckland on the borders of Lake Rotorua, the place is one of a kind and famous for its geothermic activity.

It’s also a place where the Maori culture is really present and you’ll be fascinated to discover it during a Hangi and a concert. Among the curiosities around Rotorua, the volcanic valleys and smoky waters, to the number of geysers belching their hot water jet, and boiling ponds of Wai-O-tapu and Walgmangu, all of them not to be missed and major attractions in New Zealand.

Go sailing on one of the crater lakes or go off on an expedition to the Mt Tarawera or White Island volcano where you’ll have the most impressive panoramas of this volcanic region. Rotorua is the best destination for perfect vacations offering a large panel of activities for all.

We recommend you stay at least 2 to 3 nights there to enjoy fully all the delights of the place.

Ruapehu and Tongariro National Park

new zealand attractions

Probably New Zealand’s main attraction, located in the south of Taupo Lake, the region of Ruapehu gathers three stunning volcanos part of the National Park of Tongariro, listed in the World Heritage.

The National park of Tongariro is mostly known for its famous Tongariro Crossing, an exceptional hike across stunning landscapes. Mount Ruapehu is the highest mountain of the Northern island and is actually an active volcano.

The region of Ruapehu is also the house of the National Park of Whanganui that features the river of Whanganui as well. On the road between Rotorua and Wellington, a detour to the National Park of Tongariro and for a walk in the day and hiking of several days is unmissable.

You probably understood it by now, each and every part of New Zealand is a little piece of paradise and you’ll be thrilled by the unspoiled nature and the stunning landscapes of the place; take good shoes and you are ready for your New Zealand gateway!

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