Natural Wonders in Australia: Destinations for the Most Discerning Tourists

wonders of australia

Australia is rich in natural wonders that you definitely won’t find anywhere else. The natural wonders of this country, the local flora, and fauna for a European or American may seem like something completely unusual as if they are on another planet. It’s all about the unique location of the mainland, which separated from all the others quite a long time ago and, one might say, lived its own, unique, unlike anything else life. Let’s find out what are some natural wonders found in Australia.

Top Natural Wonders in Australia

Great Barrier Reef

australia natural features

The world’s greatest coral reef system now and then pops up on lists like ‘The Seven Natural Wonders of the World.’ 2,900 individual reefs – without a doubt the largest structure on the planet created by living organisms! For divers all over the world, this place is one of the most popular destinations: in addition to the corals themselves, in the crystal-clear waters, you can meet thirty species of whales, dolphins, and all kinds of underwater animals, many of which are on the verge of extinction. Unfortunately, in our time, all this splendor is seriously threatened by climate change, environmental pollution, tropical cyclones, and oil spills into the ocean.


natural places in australia

Uluru, Australia’s most well-known natural wonder, attracts visitors from all over the world like moths to a bright red flame. Nothing prepares you for the Rock’s massive presence, no matter how many postcard photos you’ve seen. There are lots to see and do, including leisurely walks, bike rides, guided tours, desert culture, and simply pondering the big monolith’s various shifting colors and moods. The one thing you won’t be able to do is to climb Uluru. Stay off!

Daintree Rainforest

australian natural landscapes

In the ancient, World Heritage-listed Daintree rainforest, lush green jungle filled with fan palms, prehistoric-looking ferns, and twisted mangroves falls into a dazzling white-sand shoreline. You would be surrounded by a cacophony of birdsong, frog croaking, and insect buzz as soon as you approach the forest. Wildlife-spotting night excursions, mountain climbs, interpretative boardwalks, canopy walks, self-guided walking paths, 4WD adventures, horseback riding, kayaking, and crocodile-spotting cruises are all options for further exploration of the region. There’s even a chance to see a prehistoric cassowary.

Whitsunday Islands

australia natural beauty

In this maritime life, you may visit a slew of beautiful islands but never find someplace that compares to Whitsunday in terms of pure beauty. Travelers of all economic stripes board boats from Airlie Beach and float between these lush green isles in a leisurely hunt for paradise (which they can find in many locations). Whitehaven Beach is one of Australia’s (and the world’s) greatest, so don’t miss it.

Pinnacles Desert

australian natural wonders

The existence of this Australian natural wonder was not even known to most Australians until 1960 – until it was annexed to Nambung National Park. Now, these fantastic limestone landscapes attract over 250 thousand tourists annually. Scientists still argue about exactly how these formations arose, but it is known for sure that this limestone consists of seashells of ancient eras, which over many millions of years turned into sand, from which the flat wind created the dunes.

Shark Bay

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An equally impressive natural attraction in Australia that leaves no one indifferent. Shark Bay cuts deep into the westernmost edge of the continent. Its waters, surrounded by beautiful cliffs, are home to sea cows, dolphins, and about 25 endangered mammalian species. The bay is also interesting for the so-called stromatolites – ancient growths on a shallow bottom, on which traces of the oldest living inhabitants of the planet were imprinted.

Fraser Island

natural wonders in australia

The local Butchulla people call it K’gari – “paradise” – and for good reason. The dazzling blue freshwater lakes, sparkling rivers, enormous dunes, and lush rainforests of this massive sandbar, sculpted by wind, sand, and sea, make an intriguing island paradise unlike any other. Fraser Island (120km by 15km) is the world’s biggest sand island and the only known spot where rainforest grows on sand. Be sure to visit this incredibly picturesque Australian natural place.

Kakadu National Park

what are some of the natural wonders found in australia

One of the most significant wonders of Australia is an amazing nature reserve, covered with dense rainforests, which have been home to the Australian aborigines since ancient times. And, although in our time the tribal life has turned into a show for tourists, the wild and ancient atmosphere of this place is forever engraved in the memory of travelers. Dense jungle, swampy marshes, rocks covered with ancient drawings, and the rarest inhabitants of ancient nature – there is everything here to feel like the hero of an adventure film.

Cradle Mountain

Cradle Mountain

We couldn’t help but include this magical place in our list of scenic Australian natural features. Cradle Mountain is Tasmania’s most famous and stunning mountain top, a steep comb of rock carved out by millennia of ice and wind. For incredible vistas across Tasmania’s alpine heart, it’s an all-day hike to the peak and back. Alternatively, you may stand in amazement below and capture the beautiful vistas over Dove Lake to the peak with your camera. Warm yourself by the fire in one of the surrounding lodges if the peak is obscured by clouds or snow … then try again the next day.

Ningaloo Reef

top natural wonders in australia

Snorkel amid pristine coral, surf off rarely-visited reefs, and dive at one of the world’s best diving sites at this World Heritage-listed marine park. Ningaloo offers more accessible attractions than the Great Barrier Reef: shallow, blue lagoons may be explored directly from the shore for superb snorkeling. Since development is limited, plan to camp or enjoy day trips from the nearby towns of Exmouth and Coral Bay. When in Australia, be sure to take the time to enjoy this incredible natural beauty.

Wilpena Pound

Wilpena Pound

Wilpena Pound, a geological feature in South Australia, provides a home to a diverse range of Australian flora and wildlife. Hundreds of kangaroos also call this region home, and the old land’s indigenous past means there’s much of local culture to learn from the traditional Aboriginal owners.

Australia from the moment of its geographical discovery to this day excites the minds of every person who is not indifferent to travel. This continental country has absolutely everything that even a sophisticated traveler can dream of. These are endless expanses of steppes and deserts, mountain ranges, subtropical forests, rivers, sea bays, megalopolises, and small provincial cities. In addition, Australia has a rich flora and fauna and unique history of conquest. While here, be sure to take the time to visit these incredible places, they will remain in your memory for a long time!

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