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While traveling is forbidden and museums and performances are practicing the online format, we have selected several films that can be considered a virtual tour.

The World Quarantine gives us a chance to see Rome, Paris, New York, and other cities through Woody Allen’s eyes. While museums and performances are practicing the online format, we have selected a few films that can be considered a virtual journey. If you are running out of ideas where else to go next week, we will be happy to share them.

Parasite (2019) – Seoul, South Korea

This tragicomedy brought together four “Oscars” this February and changed the real life of Koreans. Let us put aside the plot and philosophy and focus only on the virtual-tourist part of the picture. It was impossible not to use its success to promote South Korea as an interesting destination for travelers.

The Seoul Tourism Organization even developed a special route for fans of the film. However, it caused a lot of irritation among locals who are not ready for mass pilgrimages at the doors of their homes. Let us contribute to the fight against overtures – look at these locations on the screen. Landmarks here are the Seoul district of Maphoghu with its shop and staircase, as well as the Chahamun Tunnel, where heroes descend after escaping from their employers’ homes.

Un paese quasi perfetto (2016) – Castelmezzano and Pietrapertoza, Italy

The Basilica is a region that is not often reached by tourists. A virtual demo tour of Italian nature offers us a comedy about the inhabitants of the hinterland suffering from unemployment.

The action takes place in a fictional town (with absolutely real prototypes included in the list of the most beautiful small towns in Italy), and the future of its inhabitants depends on whether they can convince the plastic surgeon from Milan that he has got to the best place on earth. In our opinion, the species of Lukan Dolomites is a very strong argument!

A big bonus for the spectators is the famous tourist attraction “Flight of the Angel”: a steel cable connects the towns to each other, and the extremes are accelerated up to 75 m/h. Don’t you dare to close your eyes for fear, because everything was designed for this unique view from a height.

If the movies are not enough for you, read about other ways to travel while at home in our article.

Biutiful (2010) – Barcelona, Spain

The drama of a single father shows a dark side of Barcelona that you will not find in tourist brochures. Dark, dusty, semi-realistic, but this is the kind of Barcelona director Alejandro Iñarrito considered a metaphor for the world in terms of attitudes towards migrants. We will see the streets of Carrer de Ferran, Carrer del Vidre, of course, La Rambla. A sincere, non-tourist, Biutiful must be watched.

In Bruges – Bruges, Belgium

The film really looks like an excursion, which is not surprising, as the city authorities really helped to shoot it. There is a canal walk, a view from the Belfort Bell Tower, and other sights in town. Two weeks is probably too long for this place, and two hours for another view is just the thing.

Istanbul Kirmizisi – Istanbul, Turkey

Directed by Ferzan Ozpetek, an Italian with Turkish roots, made a film based on his own novel. The main character in the story lived in London for many years, but after a long time returned to his native Istanbul. The city is shown through the eyes of the “returnee”: there are many long shots of the Bosporus – from the quay, from the ship, from the air.

Evening views are also abundant: we will have dinner with a view of Galata Tower and ride on illuminated bridges.

Sound is an important element in the film. The director, despite his love for music, did not interrupt the city noise of Istanbul and the screams of seagulls. You will definitely want to visit the heart of Turkey after watching it.

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