Morgan’s wonderland; an accessible dream for all

morgan's wonderland

In a world built mostly according to valid people, Morgan’s Inspiration Island is a very important and stirring project, making fun accessible to everyone by designing a water park created and thought especially for disabled kids. Located in San Antonio, Morgan’s wonderland park is the first of its kind in the world and yet named one of the World’s Greatest Places by TIME magazine.

The organization really fills the promises of its motto “Where Everyone Can Play!”, as the place is completely wheelchair-accessible, and focuses on the special needs of every customer. The team of engineer indeed took into consideration all the possibilities to offer a unique experience centered on everyone’s abilities and sensitivities, developing advanced technology to make accessible for everyone each of the five water areas and designing one of the most advanced water filtrations to preserve children with the fragile immune system; the promise of a place “where everyone can splash and play without barrier”.

Dream of Morgan’s amusement park

This whole dream of Morgan’s amusement park started with Morgan Hartman, the daughter of the founder Gordon Hartman, diagnosed with cognitive and physical disabilities that inspired her father to democratize fun for all. The 25-acre non-profit Morgan’s Wonderland San Antonio Texas is indeed the result of a strong feeling of injustice felt from the homebuilder, during a summer vacation with his family.

Morgan wanted to play with the kids in the swimming pool of the hotel but was immediately put apart from the other children. The look in the eyes of her daughter pushed Gordon to find out a way to build a place that will make the bridge and fill the gap between disabled people and others. This incident gave birth to the beautiful project of $34 millions of dollars, the Morgan’s wonderland park in San Antonio, offering more than 25 attractions, including wheelchairs, accessible rides, playgrounds, and gardens to bring together in the same place people of all ages with and without disabilities to share a moment of joy and fun.

The entrance of the park is for free, and this non-profit organization recently received the Certificate of Excellence Hall of Fame from TripAdvisor. The place is more than a park, it’s a real philanthropic utopia, as the park engages itself to provide a safe environment to everyone, and to abolish the barrier as much as physical than economical between all individuals, bringing together everyone, regardless of age or abilities.

Inclusion is the keyword of the organization, with the only purpose to create a real family between the members, the friends, and the caregivers. Only one thing is forbidden to enter the park: judgment. The place is made for everyone with difficulties to also challenge themselves with water games in a safe environment, to push their boundaries, and to say no to stereotypes. The place celebrates differences and is a real utopic safe heaven for everyone, opening a new wave of possibilities in such a tough world; many more projects like this to appear in the coming years.

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