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guide to korean spas

With the onset of winter, there is nothing more relaxing and ideal for your mental well-being than spending a day at the spa. It’s surprising to know that one of the countries where the spa is an integral part of the culture turns out to be South Korea. Many locals spend their days there with family or friends to relax. They are therefore very popular and often inexpensive, which promotes their access and their reputation. In this article, we’ll walk you through everything you need to know about the Korean spa experience. If you were wondering what is a Korean spa, we will give you a complete guide to what you can find there and the rules to follow.

If you are planning to spend some time at a Korean spa, you may find different things there. One of the indisputable advantages of spa Korean, and which is making them more and more recognized, is that time no longer exists. The Korean spa is, therefore, open 24 hours a day and this is mainly what defines the Korean style spa. This choice of infinite time to take care of allows you to really rest and to benefit from the good things of rest as much as necessary. Therefore, it is important to take into consideration that nothing will rush you while you take care of yourself and avoid planning a few appointments after your wellness session.

A guide to Korean spas

A guide to Korean spas

In the rest of this article, we will show you the different bathrooms and bathrooms that you can find in a Korean spa. When you arrive at the reception, you will usually receive bath towels, pajamas, and a locker key. It is with this locker key that you can pay inside the spa. You will be able to discover all the facilities offered by the Korean spas.

When it comes to saunas, there are all kinds. You can try some infused with hinoki, charcoal, and even salt. Likewise, for the temperatures, you will be able to find saunas very hot going up to 70 degrees as colder going up to -7 degrees. One of the specialties is to induce salt on your body before entering the sauna and then to use it as a dead skin scrub. You will also find baths there which have several different temperatures varying between very cold and very hot. Hot water is also associated with different herbs or woods which are good for you. Both saunas and baths are single-sex areas, where men and women are kept separate.

Once you have relaxed in the saunas and baths, you can experience some of the Korean massage spas. Korean massage is a type of massage that relaxes the body through passive or active vibrations. It is described as quite intense but enough to come out like on a cloud.

Korean spas also have relaxation rooms where you can lounge and even sleep if you feel the need, as well as restaurants, game rooms, and rooms with TV screens. You will not miss anything there to really forget the passage of time. In addition, it is also possible to stay and sleep on-site if you wish.

Korean Spa etiquette

what do they do at korean spas

When discovering a new place, it quickly happens that you don’t know what to do there. In the rest of the article, we’ll give you some tips on how to behave in a Korean spa.

If you were wondering are Korean spas naked, the answer depends on the section you are in. For example, for the restrooms and the restaurant, you will be asked to dress in the pajamas that they will have given you at the entrance. On the other hand, the sauna is done naked with a towel around the hips.

However, it is recommended that you keep your gaze at eye level as this is considered a sign of respect. It is therefore not recommended to look below the gaze of the person you are talking to and more specifically in the case where you are both naked. In addition, sexual intercourse is prohibited inside the Korean spa. If this rule is not followed, you risk being banned for life from the establishment.

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