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High temperatures occur here not only in summer but also in winter. And calmness and relaxation come only in the morning when the air cools down. Deaths from dehydration and heat stroke are common in the highest heat index cities. Therefore, instead of parks, many locals prefer to walk only in shopping centers and live in houses underground.

Extreme heat is even more difficult to tolerate if the air is too humid or polluted. For example, in the Iranian city of Ahvaz, where the temperature rises to 54 degrees, the level of pollution is almost 17 times higher than the norm.

We found out where the hottest city in the world is

hottest city on earth

Mexico, San Luis Rio Colorado: 58.5 degrees

Sometimes people wonder what is the hottest city on earth? The answer is obvious, San Luis Rio Colorado.

Once on the site of the modern city of San Luis Rio Colorado, which ranks first in our top hottest cities on earth, part of the Sonoran Desert passed, later there was an important river port. Today 192.7 thousand people live here. The city has an advantageous geographical position – on the border between Mexico and the United States. San Luis Rio Colorado has mild winters and very hot summers.

For example, in June 1952, the air temperature rose to 52 degrees. This is considered the official record. But local newspapers claimed that it was even warmer in July 1966. Then the columns of thermometers overcame the mark of 58.5 degrees. After that, San Luis Rio Colorado began to be considered the highest heat index city. And yet, the heat is not the only danger for the inhabitants of this city – its territory is included in the zone of increased seismic risk. For example, after the earthquake in spring 2010, they were left without electricity, water, and gasoline for a long time.

Iran, Ahvaz: 54 degrees

highest heat index cities

In summer, the temperature in the Iranian city of Ahvaz often exceeds 50 degrees, and snow never falls here even in the winter season. This was the reason to call Ahvaz the second hottest city on earth. This extreme heat is particularly difficult to withstand due to the high humidity.

It inevitably grows when the air currents from the Persian Gulf intensify. It’s not just the scorching sun that makes life difficult for 1.5 million locals. There is another dangerous problem: poor air quality. The reason for this is an unhealthy combination of dust storms, high traffic flows, and emissions from petrochemical industries.

Ahvaz is a large industrial center. According to the results of a WHO study, it was recognized as the city with the dirtiest air on the planet. The level of pollution in Ahvaz exceeds the norm established by WHO by almost 17 times. All this affects the air temperature in Ahvaz, which is why it is also called one of the hottest cities in the world.

Australia, Port Augusta: 48.9 degrees

hottest place to live in the world

If you ask what city has the highest temperature, then we answer: at the beginning of this year, the heat broke all temperature records in South Australia. In the port city of Port Augusta, the air warmed up to 48.9 degrees. Residents do not agree with the official data. According to them, the thermometers in those days reached 52 degrees. As proof, they posted a photograph of a street thermometer.

Port Augustans also call it the hottest place to live in the world. Similar indicators were observed in neighboring settlements. For example, in the settlement of Tarkula, forecasters recorded 49 degrees, and in the small town of Coober Pedy – 47.4 degrees. To hide from the unbearable heat and scorching sun, the Kuberpedians began building underground houses long ago. It rains infrequently in Port August. In the conditions of drought, heat, and wind in the vicinity of the city, fish die en masse and from time to time forest fires occur. Looking at all this, Port Augusta can be safely called the warmest city in the world.

USA, Las Vegas: 48 degrees

current hottest city in the world

The world capital of entertainment and one of the current hottest cities in the world is located in the heart of the Mojave Desert. Hence the sharp changes in daily temperatures, long hot summers, and short sunny winters. One of the hottest cities in the world today resembles an oasis among arid lands, mountains, and gorges. Air conditioning in the apartments of residents is a basic necessity. And for those who went for a walk, there are temporary cooling stations.

The highest temperature of 48 degrees was observed here on July 26, 1931, and the last big snowfall was in 1909. Then the streets were covered with 30-centimeter snowdrifts. Rains in Las Vegas are also rare. There are no more than 30 rainy days a year. Due to the heat, airlines have to cancel dozens of flights: some passenger aircraft cannot function properly at temperatures close to 50 degrees.

Pakistan, Karachi: 47.8 degrees

warmest city in the world

Karachi is one of the largest and most populous cities in the world. It is an important financial center of Pakistan and has two major seaports. But it is also one of the cities with the highest mean temperature. Cool sea breezes help residents cope with the hot summer months more easily.

Despite this, deaths due to dehydration and heat stroke are common here. In May 1938, the air warmed up to 47.8 degrees, and in 2015 – up to 45 degrees. Then about 780 people could not bear the heat. After that, the local authorities developed an SMS alert system that warns residents about the onset of abnormal temperatures. On such days, Pakistanis take refuge from the heat in air-conditioned offices and homes, and shopping malls become the only places where people can meet and walk.

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