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ice castle hotel

Have you ever thought about experiencing a white and insulated night in the icy heart of an igloo? The idea of the immaculate snow wrapping you for your sleep, and isolating you from the outside gives you the thrills? If you have the romantic soul of the adventurous, those ice castle hotels are made for you. We’ve selected some of the best hotels completely made of ice, to offer you the real sensation of sleeping in an igloo with all the comfort of a five stars hotel; be ready for the coolest night of your life!

Unforgettable and pleasant experience

ice hotels in the world

Most of the ice hotels might be ephemeral, but the memory of the experience is not something you’ll forget that soon. As well, despite being impressive for the eyes, it’s also for your senses. Those frozen hotels are the promise of the quietest night ever experienced and the freshest air to breathe: the perfect recipe for a night of deep and exceptional sleep. So, pack thick clothes, hydrating lipstick, and oil for the body, and book the two or three nights before in a heated place to be ready to live an unforgettable experience.


One of the most famous ice castle hotels in the world is the “IceHotel“, located in the northern Swedish town of Jukkasjärvi (what a lovely name you may say). Very well-known, the complex is impressive and renewed every year, fully built from the frozen water of the Torne River, and maybe the greatest ice hotel in the world. Designed by artists, it’s considered the world’s biggest sub-zero ice hotel. The place houses all kinds of cold rooms going from the simplest to the most amazing artful handmade ice sculpture suite. The guest will be sure to live a full fairy-tale experience, with a dogsled expedition, exploration of the white landscape on horseback, and will be rapt in the contemplation of the Northern Light around an open fire. To make the stay complete, the restaurant and bar of the hotel will serve you food and drinks in-you guessed it-plates and glasses made of ice.

Hôtel de Glace

Another very impressive complex for a fairy-tale experience is the “Hôtel de Glace“, located in the French-speaking Village resort of Valcartier, ten minutes from the center of Quebec City in Canada. Received with cocktails served in ice designed glasses, the guest will after discovering his fully hand-carved sculptured room by Disney well-known artists and enjoy a giant ice slide through the hotel. Considered as the best ice hotel in the world, the place offers the possibility to the guests to discover the behind scene of the place, with a workshop in which he’ll be taught to make his own ice cocktail glass. After a drop in the spa and the Hamam, the host will be ready to sleep in his minus 6 degrees room, wrapped with a warm reindeer blanket. And don’t forget to pass through the maple sugar shop to finish your stay on the sweetest note.


doors to icehotel

Switzerland is as well a crazy location to make your ice hotel vacation an incredible experience. You can find there five different Igloo-Dorf for a real Inuit adventure. Our first favorite is the Igloo Village of Gstaad, an impressive installation of 42 snow-packed houses arranged in an elaborate underground system, with a sauna, whirlpool, and wellness spa to rest from the cold. The most skittish shouldn’t be worried as a central grilled hut is installed to warm your cold toes and nose. The village offers a variety of different rooms, from the big shared heated room, the romantic cocoon to the most luxurious suite with a private Jacuzzi, bathroom, and artfully designed walls. For the crafty people, you’ll find a workshop for couples to help them build their own love nest out of ice block and create the perfect dreamy igloo.

You can find another Igloo-Dorf in Zermatt, where the largest igloo ever built was recorded, with a quite impressive dome of 12.9m diameter and a height of over 10 meters. What makes this village so special in our heart is the fact you can enjoy the amazing view of the majestic Matterhorn while lying in the whirlpool; a real postcard landscape experience. The best ice motel to rest in between two slides on the slopes.

A low-budget alternative ice hotel

For a low-budget alternative, the ice hotel in Romania up the Transylvanian mountains is made for you. This place has nothing to envy the previous hotels made out of ice we presented before. Accessible by ski lift, the resort is located on a frozen lake and the ambiance reminds us of a medieval town. Depending on your mood, the hotel features all types of room, so you will be able to choose between a double ice room, a familial igloo, or if you aspire to a fancy experience, a luxurious and chic designed room. The hotel is built new every season and the theme of the decors and the hand-carved artwork on the walls changes every year according to the trend and the aspiration of the period. After enjoying the delicious gourmet meal served by the restaurant and warming up your heart with a whiskey served in a glass made of ice, the most romantic couples will be able to say “yes” to each other forever in the lovely ice church of the hotel, to make this experience eternally engraved in their memory.

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