The Husband Doesn’t Want to Travel with Me: Possible Causes and Solutions

husband doesn't want to travel with me

What if my husband doesn’t want to travel with me? This question is familiar to many girls whose boyfriends are homebodies. If this is your case, then do not rush to despair! Let’s better figure out how not to deprive yourself of such an interesting pastime and persuade your partner to share this exciting experience with you.

For us adventurous and easy-going people, it can be difficult to understand why such a lifestyle may not attract everyone. Who would not want to travel around the world, spend every vacation in a new country walking around local attractions and diving headlong into the local culture, making new interesting acquaintances?

There are many ways to spend a wonderful vacation without a spouse traveling alone or sharing this experience with friends or family. There are many benefits to such an adventure. The most obvious of these is freedom. When you go on vacation on your own, you don’t adjust to your spouse’s plans and needs. Landscapes and architecture, beaches, cafés, restaurants, and exhibitions: all of these surrounding beauty you can explore by yourself. You have the opportunity to discover something new and exciting and get the most out of it. Moreover, you can fully devote your “lonely” vacation to spa treatments, going to a massage therapist, shopping and tanning, that is, everything that is often not enough time in everyday life.

No one would blame you for being late at the store or late for dinner. Leaving on vacation without your husband, you leave all household chores for him. You have a rare opportunity to observe how a spouse copes on his own when his wife cannot provide him with insurance.

Perhaps you used to be afraid to entrust your children to him for a long time. If your spouse successfully passes the test, there would be fewer reasons for worry, and he would appreciate your contribution to the family in a new way. Moreover, by taking your holidays separately, you create the opportunity to miss each other a little. A short breakup can refresh the relationship with your spouse, who is used to spending all his free time with you.

But when you travel separately, sooner or later you begin to miss your loved one next to you, and you want to share all these wonderful emotions with him. But what if such an active lifestyle is alien to your significant one?

The most important thing here is to understand the reason before persuading, otherwise, you simply may not know what to fight with, and whether you need to fight at all. Not only your husband, but many people also dislike traveling. And this is not a pathology, but a character trait, or a set of reasons.

Possible Reasons for This Behavior

Possible Reasons for husband's Behavior
  • Afraid of unnecessary expenses. This is perhaps one of the main reasons that make people refuse to travel. If your financial situation is not such that allows you to travel, then he may be simply afraid for family well-being. To do this, try to make a not very distant trip for which you do not need big expenses. This could clearly show him that this is possible, and there is no danger of falling behind in the end with nothing.
  • The man is just a couch potato. He had already acquired everything he needed for a comfortable life: a beloved wife, a stable job, a bottle of beer, a TV, or a computer. And life is beautiful, he doesn’t need anything else. Such a person is more difficult to persuade adventuring. It is important to understand what exactly keeps him at home. What is there at home that you cannot take with you on a trip. And work in this direction.
  • The person is afraid of the unknown. Most likely it is very difficult for your partner to leave the comfort zone and just one word “travel” causes him stress and panic. In this case, you need to reassure the person but in no case reproach. Get into his position and tell him those arguments that could calm you down too. Plan your trip together, buy round trip tickets in advance, and book a hotel or other place of residence in advance. This could save your nerves and time.
  • The person is afraid to fly, or he has seasickness. Perhaps he is not at all against traveling and all that scares him is the way of transportation. It can be really difficult for some men to admit such fears, even to a loved one, and he avoids such trips in every possible way. In this case, you can only support your boyfriend and offer to overcome his fears together. Try to start by traveling around your country by train or car. Along the way, you can take courses on curing aerophobia or find ways to deal with seasickness.
  • It is not unlikely that he is simply experiencing a difficult life situation. Problems at work, family disagreements, feeling unwell, age crisis, depression, etc. If you have noticed this for your soul mate, then you should not burden him with new problems. Of course, a spontaneous trip can be a good way to arrange a small “reboot” and escape from the everyday bustle, but does it make sense if, even while resting, his head is full of pressing problems? Give your partner time to get ready for the trip, so it would be as comfortable as possible for both of you.

What If My Husband Doesn’t Want to Go on Vacation with Me?

What If My Husband Doesn’t Want to Go on Vacation with Me?

We have figured out the possible reasons for your partner’s unwillingness to take a vacation elsewhere, so now let’s figure out how you can influence this situation.

  1. Personal conversation. Talk to your boyfriend calmly and try to find out what interests him in his life, what he strives for, what he would like to try, etc. After such a conversation, you may have an approximate picture of the interests and preferences of your loved one. And accordingly, the opportunity to choose a trip that may interest him.
  1. Try to find a compromise. You can offer the boyfriend to spend one weekend away from home, and vice versa at home the next. Accordingly, you organize an active weekend, and your partner passive ones. With such a compromise, no one is offended! Moreover, there is a high probability that your significant other can gradually get involved in traveling and begin to enjoy such attractions.
  2. Try to make the trips very interesting and memorable, based on the preferences of your loved one, so that he experiences vivid emotions and can properly relax outside the home. If he does not like excursions, then you should not force him to visit all the sights with you all day, this is unlikely to be his joy. But this does not mean at all that you have to fully adapt to the desires of your partner. For example, you can go on a sightseeing tour with friends, or join a tour group while your boyfriend relaxes at the hotel or goes fishing.
  3. Give thanks. At the end of the trip, thank him and share your positive emotions with him. Say that you enjoyed this trip, and you are very glad that he shared this unforgettable experience with you. Then he could understand that this is very important for you and would want to please you more often.

And remember that there is no way you can change an adult for yourself. With the help of tantrums and whims, you would not get the desired result. Respect the interests of your partner and get the same in return. Remember that both should work on a relationship, not just one. Only in this case, you can find harmony!

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