How can you protect your ears in the plane?


Air travel is an atypical situation for the human body. During take-off and landing, there are abrupt changes in atmospheric pressure. The human body and vestibular apparatus do not have time to adapt, and passengers experience discomfort. The eardrum is affected by the difference in intramuscular and atmospheric pressure. This situation often characterized by ear popping, muffled hearing, pain, and discomfort. How do you deal with the eardrum and eliminate discomfort?

Chewing gum

Chewy and swallowing motions help to cope with congestion and eliminate pressure differentials. Take your gum or lollipop with you and use it during take-off and landing. A similar method is to drink water in small, frequent sips. The same technique works with small children. At these moments of discomfort, you should offer them a bottle or a nipple, depending on their age.

Breathing exercises

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A small physical exercise for the respiratory and hearing aid organs will help to normalize pressure on the ears. You can mimic yawning, widely open your mouth, and take a deep breath and try to exhale by closing your nose and mouth with your hands. Such manipulations help the eustachian tube to expand and eliminate the feeling of congestion.


Massage the earlobe and the outer part of the ears with your finger pads. It will improve the blood circulation, and the unpleasant sensation will go away.


You can perform minimal exercises: limb stretching, joint exercises, to normalize blood circulation and prevent or eliminate the effects of air pressure fluctuations. Walk around the aircraft cabin if your ears feel clogged and ringing during the flight.

Airplane ear plugs

Plane ear plugs are an excellent method of preventing ears popping during the flight. Special earmolds help the middle ear to adapt quickly to changes in air pressure and eliminate pain and discomfort. The use of earmolds is relevant throughout the flight.

In case of severe pain and discomfort that does not last for a long time, you should ask the flight attendant for airplane ear pain remedies. Severe and acute pain can cause a rupture of the eardrum.

Special cases

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The feeling of stuffed ears and discomfort may not last long after the flight is over. In this case, you should use one of the folk methods: warm compresses or inhalations. If the pain and stuffiness do not leave you for a long time, it is an excuse to seek medical help.

Doctors do not recommend flying with hemorrhages, sinusitis and rhinitis, acute allergies, otitis, and ear inflammation.

Be careful how you feel during your flight. Timely measures will improve the quality of your journey and help you avoid unpleasant consequences and ear damage. We hope your ear won’t pop!

Other tips from the stewardess about what you might need on board can be found here.

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