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How to visit paradise in the middle of Atlantic

the azores

The Azores are such a cool place that it is hard to describe it. However, it is not hard to come here on your own, so read and start packing your bags.

  • If you are looking for a low cost price, you can choose the best dates for your flight using the airline ticket aggregator apps.
  • Fly first from your city → to Porto or Lisbon.
  • Then from Porto or Lisbon → to Ponta Delgada.
  • Flight tickets from Porto or Lisbon cost from 50 Euro back and forth, if you buy in advance 1-2 months in the low season (!).
  • Late May and early June and the second half of September are cheaper than July and August.
  • You can look for tickets to Ponta Delgada from your city, but it will be more expensive.
  • Therefore, you can fly to Portugal, hang around there for a few days and fly to the Azores in between.
  • Read about the country of the happiest people, which can be called a paradise in the middle of the Pacific in our article.
  • You will definitely need a car to move around the island. It is better to rent a car directly from the airport (in advance and online). This is just a necessity; otherwise, you will not be able to visit all the sights. The cost of renting a car starts at 15 euros per day, so it is more profitable to go with someone.
  • You can stay at any hotel or hostel. Hotels are at different prices from 30 euro / day. Pay attention to reviews and ratings when choosing a place to stay.

4-6 days on the Azores is more than enough. In 6 days you can see everything and you will not want to stay any longer, it is too beautiful and quiet there.

If you write a book or want solitude in a corner of paradise, that is it.


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