How to use your phone abroad?

can i use my phone in another country

Before planning your trip abroad, there are a few basic things to consider for a peaceful vacation; your identity cards and passport, your bank cards, and finally your phone. The technologization of our current world affects all spheres and of course tourism as well. Whereas back in the day, hotel reservations were made over the phone, and cities were located using manual maps.

Today all of this is just one click away from our smartphones. However, in the age of capitalism, nothing is free and it can sometimes be difficult to know the best tips to be able to access your phone abroad. How many times have you heard your friends, colleagues or families mention having had a huge phone bill when they returned from vacation? There’s nothing worse than coming home and realizing the excessive costs of using data abroad. If you were wondering can I use my phone in another country? In this article, we will answer by introducing you to the best ways of using cell phones overseas.

Activate the international option of your phone

how to use your phone abroad

One way for using a phone abroad is to simply activate the international option for your phone. For calls and SMS, this option is usually automatically enabled. With regard to internet data, this is accessible to you by activating “Data abroad. If you do this, you will have access to what is called roaming. Roaming is a system of international agreements between operators from different countries that gives you access to 4G in countries where your operator is not located. This means that when you arrive in a country, after a few minutes, the new network will automatically appear on your phone screen.

Regarding the prices of this solution, they may vary depending on the country in which you decide to go as well as the country in which your operator is located. For example, with the increasing globalization of our society, new 4G access agreements are emerging. Europe recently signed an agreement that states that if your operator is located in a European country and you are traveling to another European country, you can benefit from internet access without additional roaming charges. However, we recommend that you make sure that this rule applies to your carrier. It is important if you’re using a cell phone abroad, to control which applications on your phone have internet access in order to limit unwanted updates or connections. Usually, this is available to you under your phone’s data settings.

Overseas package

using phones internationally

Also, if you are planning a short-term trip, it will be easier for you to simply contact your operator to find out about their “overseas package” offer. Depending on the operator, you can purchase a data package that is sufficient for your trip. It is sometimes also possible to have packages that reactivate automatically over several months depending on the length of your stay. Thanks to this, you will be able to more easily control how much you want to invest in your phone.

This option is useful if you decide to go on a trip to several different countries. It allows you to use phones internationally.

Buy a local sim card

using cell phone abroad

Another way of using a phone overseas is to simply buy a Sim card in the country you are going to travel to. You can either buy a Sim card that contains the Internet as well as access to calls and SMS. In this case, you will replace your Sim card with that of the country in question. If you want to keep your phone to connect to the Internet, for example, you can also bring one of your old phones and insert your new Sim card. If you opt for this solution, you will be able to buy a local Sim card simply for calls, SMS and use your phone for WIFI thanks to the free WIFI of hotels and cafes.

This solution of using phones internationally will certainly be cheaper for you than an overseas package from your operator. However, it is more suitable for long trips within a single country and a little less for international backpacking.

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