How to travel in self-isolation mode?

travel in self-isolation

A pandemic has been spreading in the world for months. The best solution in such conditions is self-isolation. It could be a serious challenge for freedom-loving travelers.

If you urgently need a dose of modern art and cannot leave home, enjoy a selection of the best online travel services on the couch.

Traveling with comfort is one of the key features for every traveler. Read about the best airlines in the world in our article

Google Street View

The whole world is already photographed by caring for Google employees. You can “walk” along the streets of any city via this service. All you need to do is take two simple steps – go to the service and choose a city. Voila – you walk its streets.

Perhaps this will not be the newest data, but you can remember places you were in the past or plan a route for a future adventure.

Google Arts and Culture

The great Google again. It is like watching the streets, but you walk inside museums and exhibitions.

Whether you want to admire Paris from the height of the Eiffel Tower or walk the streets of London, see a collection of paintings, or visit the Grohmann Museum in the USA, Google Arts and Culture will help.

More than 2,500 museums around the world have teamed up with Google Arts and Culture to provide everyone with access to online tours.

Online Museums

Museums around the world also offer a walk inside their walls online. One of the museums that have opened their virtual doors to visitors is the Uffizi Gallery.

Vienna Opera

The famous Vienna Opera has opened its archives for free online viewing. The site broadcasts records of previous performances of the opera and ballet every day.

Spending a few weeks in self-isolation mode can be interesting and useful!

Start traveling right now without getting up from the sofa, and you will have real travel waiting for you in the future.

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