How to travel in a big company and stay friends


It seems that traveling in a friendly company is the perfect solution. Traveling as a friendly team is fun, profitable, and convenient. However, a trip becomes a test of friendship if quarrels and resentments turn the long-awaited rest into real torture. Travel turns into waiting to return home. The following recommendations will help travelers return home as friends and reduce tension.

We are all different

Each of the travelers in the party is a personality with features: someone likes to go to bed early, and someone likes to stay in the bar late. Some like active sports, others like a quiet beach holiday. Be sure to discuss the household and regime features of each in advance. It is a good idea to split up according to preferences: for example, “owls” will stay in one room, and “larks” — in another.

Budget planning

You should discuss the number of possible financial expenditures in advance. Money opportunities are individual. You should plan and schedule spending together so that you do not exceed your personal budget.


In order to avoid conflicts, it is important to distinguish between travel and household responsibilities before departure. If you are renting an apartment, decide how you will purchase food, discuss food and household responsibilities. Distributing roles will reduce resentment and misunderstandings.

Travel program

Make an entertainment plan by discussing it with the whole company in advance. Include activities, sites, and excursions of interest to everyone. Be sure to leave your free days for individual entertainment: you might want to walk around the historic city center, or someone might want to surf. Do not deprive each other of that pleasure.

Private time

Respect each other’s individual characteristics and interests. Spending all the time together is not good for friendships. It is best to allocate leisure time for everyone because a week’s stay in the company is tiresome and makes you irritable. Let one go to the beach, one go shopping, one stay at home and the rest go on a tour. This will benefit your vacation and friendship.

The ability to talk

Remember to talk and discuss. Do not hold grudges and immediately discuss what you do not like, or what you would like to change. You should do so in the tone of a trusting conversation, not by shouting, annoying, or using obscene language. Control your emotions and remember that friendship is much more important than everyday trivia.

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