How to tip at a restaurant?


Have you ever had a great time in a restaurant and then it’s time to process the bill. The whole table wonders: how much are you supposed to tip at a restaurant? Fair enough, legislation related to the standard restaurant tip varies from country to country. In some countries, part of the tips is included in the final price in order to protect the workers. In others, tips are added to the bill. In this article, we will offer you to explore what a tip and how to determine the correct amount that can reward the work done while still being fair for your wallet. By reading this article, you’ll discover a full restaurant tip guide to help to pay your bill without any troubles.

Tips are a sum of money that a customer gives in exchange for service received. This can affect different types of services such as waiters in a restaurant, taxi or uber drivers, tourist guides, etc. Each country receives tips in different ways depending on cultural standards and legislation. It can be highly valued or even expected in countries such as the United States or seen as rude as in China.

How to calculate tax and tips for restaurants?

calculate tip before tax

There are two ways of working to mention tips in bills. Thus, depending on the country and region, tips may be included in the taxes added to your bill. In this case, this is usually noted as a service charge. However, the service charges may not be included which means that there are no tips included in your bill. In this case, it is all the more important to leave a tip. In general, to know what percent tip for a restaurant, you have to calculate tip before tax. You can find the average percentages of tips to leave according to your score according to the continents in the list below.


On average for Europe, service charges help finance the salaries of employers. Thus, tips are an additional amount to provide good services to employers. It is generally expected to leave a tip between 5-10% of your bill.


In North American countries more specifically, you are expected to tip an average of 15 to 20% of your total bill. Indeed, generally, the employees depend on these tips to receive a salary. Thus, this means that without tips, they will not receive a salary and therefore not enough to live.

The Middle East and Africa

Same as for America, it is expected to leave an average of 15-20% of the price of your total bill.


In China, Singapore, and Myanmar, tips are not part of the culture and are perceived as unnecessary. For other countries, there is no expected average percentage. In Japan, for example, your tip must reflect the quality of the service. So far, he still hasn’t seen it badly about not leaving any tips even though they are welcome.

Tip amount for restaurant

tip amount for restaurant

Despite the advice recommended in our article and if you decide to go on a trip to a new country, there is no better way than to find out the restaurant tipping etiquette from the locals. When you arrive at your hotel, for example, you can contact the tourist information section to find out what the expectations are regarding tips. It is also possible for you when you leave your tips to ask the person who receives it if it suits what they are used to receiving. Either way, don’t hesitate to ask around as this helps avoid getting into an embarrassing situation and can even lead to interesting conversations about the customs of the country you are in.

Do not forget to take into consideration that in the majority of countries the people performing the services paid by tips are generally poorly paid, especially in countries that do not have minimum wage legislation. This is why, if you are satisfied with your service, we recommend you to take that into consideration in your tips. Because most of the time your gesture can have a big impact on the daily life of these workers.

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