How to observe international tiger day?

tiger day

Although tigers are not the kings of nature, they are still the biggest cats. The weight of a big cat can reach 200 kg. It takes a lot of space to feed such a predator. Unfortunately, there is nothing the tiger can do against a more dangerous predator – a human.

Mass human settlements in all corners of the planet and aggressive use of natural habitats of animals have led to the extinction of many species. Moreover, poachers pose the greatest danger to big cats. Trade-in animal parts are still a very lucrative business, and it can not but upset people who care about animals.

The International Tiger Day


Nowadays, 97% of wild tigers have disappeared, and there are only a few thousands in the world. This terrible data was the reason to announce the 29th of July as the International Tiger Day. This day aims to draw the attention of the international community and animal rights organizations to the extermination of tigers.

To observe world tiger day, all you have to do is talk about the problem of endangered species. You can discuss the troubles tigers face in class, with friends or family. Many international organizations, such as WWF, accept donations. You can even adopt a tiger. It is difficult and not suitable for everyone, but it can help save an endangered species.

There are very few tigers left, leave feedback if you want to know more about countries where they can still be in their natural habitat.

If you don’t manage to see a tiger, there are still many dangerous animals in Africa.

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