How to make awesome pictures on vacation?


The camera has long been associated with tourism. Going on vacation, all travelers plan to take pictures of attractions, places of rest, other unusual objects. We want to keep foreign landscapes or architectural constructions in our memory forever. How to preserve pleasant memories? Can you make dozens or hundreds of photos? Let’s share five recommendations, which will help you to take stunning vacation images.

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A professional camera is a small guarantee of quality shots. Your skills to use the equipment will affect the result most. We do not recommend buying an expensive device, if you do not have advice knowledge, practical experience in the field of photography, and do not plan to send photos to the contest. Ask a retailer for advice or search through the web for a suitable amateur camera that will not embarrass your skills and will not burden you with unnecessary features. Today’s smartphone camera allows you to take decent vacation pictures. In this case, stock up an external drive and an extra battery. The camera battery always runs out at the most inopportune moment, proven.


learn to take a photo

It matters WHEN you take pictures. If you plan to take a picture against the backdrop of a sunset, people must face the extra light, or you must use a reflector. Daylight shots are easier to make: there’s plenty of sunlight, but don’t forget the angle of the shadow. The sun’s rays should not hit the model’s face. Also, the heat is not the best companion for a photoshoot. Golden time for photos with natural light is after sunrise and before sunset. The night is an insidious time for taking vacation photos: it is better not to use a small smartphone sensor for this purpose. Shooting indoors also has dozens of features. Consider the conditions to make the result satisfying, but remember that light is the main thing in photography.


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You’ll be asked to “just take a picture.” But no one wants to get an ugly vacation pic as a memory. The size of the attraction is different, so take a picture in full height or portrait style – depends on the size of the object on the background of which you are shooting. Shooting the object itself is also a difficult task. Choose what you are photographing. If you want to make an unusual portrait, the person you are photographing should occupy most of the frame, and the Gothic temple will be the original background. If you want to capture the structure, do not try to add someone over it.

Add something out of the box

The Internet is full of the same, boring photos. No one will scroll through an album of unoriginal images, so think over an idea and composition. Of course, a template photo is not taboo. However, an unexpected perspective and an unusual angle will help to make memories unique. Of course, taking vacation images of world-famous sights is a must-have moment of travel. But try to add new vacation picture ideas. Dilute the album with photos of little-known places or perspectives that no one has ever used.


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Sometimes on vacation, there’s a view that seems to be the perfect vacation picture. Landscape photography is a separate art form. Think through the composition, perspective, and even history to capture the fascination. Just pressing the shutter button isn’t enough to have good trip images. Keep an eye on the horizon: it doesn’t have to be blocked. It’s better to put it down, not in the middle. We also recommend placing an interesting object to the left or right of the center. When taking pictures of the sea, it is essential to consider the foreground.

Photography is a paramount part of a trip that helps you to remember vacation over images. We suggest you follow our vacation photography tips, to prevent the photo album from being filled with banal pictures. Light, composition, and emotions will help your vacation images to stand out.

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