How to look at Count Dracula’s real castle in Romania?

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A trip to Romania is always associated with a trip to the icy castle of Bran, the declared residence of Count Dracula. Transylvanian legends, myths about vampires, and established tourist businesses contribute to the high flow of tourists here almost all year round. The castle of the famous bloodsucker is visited by fans of stories about vampires and lovers of ancient architects. What the glorious castle hides?

Tourism at Bran Castle

The famous Dracula Castle is located in Transylvania, near the Romanian town of Brașov. Bran Castle became famous after the release of a series of novels by Bram Stoker about Count Dracula, who lived here, according to the writer. The books gave an impetus to the flow of people wishing to see the sinister place and founded a whole tourist business. Excursions, as well as overnight stays at the vampire shelter, are available to visitors. The interior furnishings correspond to the name: dark corridors and ominous scenery.

Bran Castle is a prop

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Castle Bran has nothing to do with the famous Vlad the Impale, aka Count Dracula. All the legends that bind him in this place are only in literature. The only link between the castle and Dracula can be seen in the mentioning that he stayed here during military campaigns. The real residence of Cepes is in a completely different place.

Poenari Castle is the real residence of Dracula

Those who want to see the real castle where Vlad the Impale lived should not go to Brașov, but the Poenari. The ruins of the Poenari Castle are located at Argeș County in the south of the Transylvanian Alps It is where one of the major residences of Cepes was based. Unlike the Bran Castle, which is a symbol of Romania, Poenari has not become a tourist destination, and therefore the authorities do not care about it. To date, the castle has been turned into ruins. It is challenging to move around, and there is practically nothing to see. There are no dramatic excursions or ominous vampire decorations. However, Poenari Castle is a monument of bloody history and is connected with Vlad Tsepesh.

How to get to the Poenari

It’s pretty hard to get to the place. Also, there’s a chance of bumping into some wild animals. Excursion buses do not go there, just as it is almost impossible to find a guide. That’s why the way to the real residence of Dracula is thorny, and you have to walk it yourself. Poenari is located near the town of Arefu near the lake and the dam of Vidraru. You will have to walk, as the impregnable fort is on a hill and represents the remains of a forceful ancient fortress.

Legends and reality are often not connected. It has also affected the myths about the famous Vlad Dracula. Bran Castle in Transylvania is only a Romanian brand based on literary fiction. The real residence of the Count today is a ruined ancient castle, which is nevertheless a significant monument of Romanian history and architecture.

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