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how far is mount olympus from athens

You have the exceptional chance to set out to conquer Mount Olympus, this traditional symbol of Greek mythology considered to be one of the highest mountain ranges, you will certainly ask yourself several questions. Indeed, Mount Olympus, located near Athens, is the highest mountain in all of Greece, which makes it one of the unique places to see during your stay in this southern European country. The region of northern Greece is relatively unknown and frequented by travelers, but it hides several historical and archaeological treasures such as the supposed throne of Zeus and the sacred city of the Macedonians. In this article, we invite you to discover a little about this unique and somewhat forgotten region of Greece. We will first tell you about the history and symbolism associated with Mount Olympus. You will also discover everything you need to know about the geography, the climate, and the landscapes to discover thanks to the many hikes of Mount Olympus.

Is mount Olympus a real place and what is his story?

The terminology of Mount Olympus means “mountain whose clouds roll up at the top” because of the mist often present at the top of it. All the symbolic history associated with the ancient Greeks with this mountain comes mainly from this mist. Indeed, they thought that the mist prevented mortals from perceiving the secret garden of Gods. This garden was a place of celebration where the gods contemplated the world while giving challenges in the destiny of humans. This place was considered to have no rain or thunderstorm and was described as true heaven above the heavens. It is especially on Mount Stephanie, located 2909 meters above sea level, that one could find the throne of Zeus, one of the two from Greek mythology.

On the south of the Mount, there is a whole different atmosphere that carries more of the past of different cultures from the Balkans. This region was developed during the antiquity of Macedonian civilization. This is why many archaeological sites retracing the presence of Alexandre LeGrand can be visited on this part of Mt. For example, there is the Site of Dion, which was a sacred place at the time when parties were held to celebrate Zeus. You can still imagine the city plan with theaters and other archaeological pieces. A little further, you can also discover Pella, the birthplace of Alexandre LeGrand.

Visit mount Olympus

view from mount olympus

Now that you have been able to understand a little more the history of Mount Olympus, its symbolism as well as the different places and cultures that you will be able to discover, we are going to take a closer look at more geographical and practical information.

Location of mount Olympus

If you were wondering where is mount Olympus, this one is located in the north of Greece and is one of the natural borders between Thessaly and Macedonia. In ancient times, it was already considered to divide the territory of ancient Greece and the European continent. Its climate can vary between -20 degrees to +20 depending on the season. During the summer, the mountain air is cool with often a lot of winds. In winter, Mount Olympus is usually snow-capped which adds a unique beauty to the generally rocky mountain.

Top of mount Olympus

The top of Mount Olympus is called the Mytikas Peak. How tall is mt Olympus? The peak is located at an altitude of 2,917. This peak was reached for the first time very late, more precisely in 1913 by a Swiss photographer named Frédéric Boissonnas. If you were wondering what view from mount Olympus expects? From below, Mount Olympus looks like a massive mountain and with deep ravines and ill-defined, rocky lines. The sea being 18 km away, it will appear to you in the view which will give you a magnificent view of a body of water. You will discover a magnificent 360-degree view with a landscape perfectly combining the raw beauty of the rock with the extensive national parks, great pride of Greece. Namely, now both the mountain and the national park at its foot is a protected area with a diversity of species. The park is also classified by UNESCO in order to protect its biosphere. Note that the top of the mountain is generally foggy in the early afternoon. In addition, the hike that will get you there usually takes two days to get to the top of the mountain and requires knowing the mountain to access it safely. If you want to discover the place without necessarily going to the top, there are many hikes with a center on-site, and most of them are signposted.

How far is Mount Olympus from Athens

is mount olympus a real place

There are 6 different means of transport that can reach Mount Olympus from Athen: train, bus, car, plane or taxi. For all that concerns land transport it takes about 6 to 8 to reach Mount Olympus. This is why it is often advisable to take the time to visit the region and therefore to stay there for a few days. For the plane, the time is approximately 5 hours. As for transport, their price varies between 160 euro to 350 euro but can be more expensive during high seasons.

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