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Especially after Tarantino’s latest tribute to Hollywood in his 9th movie, driving and getting to the Hollywood sign is now a must for your next visit to Los Angeles. Even if reaching the sign is actually pretty easy and hard to miss, finding the best spot to admire it is a bit harder than we think; you won’t say no to a little help to find the best way to see the Hollywood sign! Here is everything you need to know to enjoy this shiny gateway. Your turn now to follow our Hollywood sign address directions, and there you go, dreaming of being the next Leonardo Di Caprio.

Can you drive to the Hollywood sign?

can you drive to the hollywood sign

The first thing to know: can you drive to the Hollywood sign? Yes, you can drive to the Hollywood sign, and its access is completely allowed, provided that you respect some rules and fundamental points. So, if your vandal spirit wondered if you can walk up to the Hollywood side and touch it; sorry to disappoint you, but the site is guarded by a high-tech alarm system; so, unless you want to end up with a night at the police station, it’s better you don’t adventure yourself in too many troubles. So, why do people usually think that going to the Hollywood Sign is forbidden?

History of the Hollywood Sign

how to get close to hollywood sign by car

During its construction in 1923, the Hollywood Sign was located on private land that was later conceded to the city in 1944 to integrate Griffith Park. The inhabitants of the neighborhood, and more precisely from the sector of North Beachwood Drive were literally encircled by the park. For a long time, the neighborhood was perfectly quiet and idyllic; the inhabitants could enjoy the park without the untimely disturbance of the horde of tourists… maybe they thought that the access to the park was reserved for them, and was private property. Until 2010, it was still possible to drive up with a car on North Beachwood Drive and to park in the street to approach the Hollywood Sign in order to have a souvenir photo. But that…was before! In 2014, the access to the North of North Beachwood Drive was closed for construction. The inhabitants managed to convince the city that a portal was necessary, open only in the day. That was reasonable and legit. And, honestly, who wants to hang around in Griffith Park during the night in the middle of coyotes? Not me, for sure…

The constructions were supposed to last 5 weeks… but the access to the Hollywood Sign was open only the following year. Then, in 2016 and 2017, different procedures of justice from the inhabitants marked the definitive closure of access. If, in theory, the portal of North Beachwood Drive is still open during the day (at least to allow access to the ranch that offers horse rides in Griffith Park), we discourage you try to reach the Hollywood Sign via this access. In the best case, someone would gently escort you down the hill, and in the worst case, you’d be arrested.

So, how to get close to Hollywood sign by car and prove to all your friends that you actually did your vacations in Los Angeles? Actually, there are plenty of solutions! It all depends on your desires and the time you have to spend on this groupie gateway…

If you are in a rush

going to the hollywood sign

If you don’t have time, you’ll have to satisfy yourself with distant access or a fringe location.

  • On the way to the Walk of Fame, climb up to the first level of the shopping mall of Hollywood & Highland Center (6801 Hollywood Blvd, Hollywood, CA 90028), you’ll see the Sign…but from far.
  • Equally nice, but more off-center, the esplanade of the Griffith Park Observatory (2800 E Observatory Rd, Los Angeles, CA 90027) with, at the forefront, the famous bust of James Dean!
  • If you want to take pictures of the famous street with palm trees on both sides of the Hollywood Sign right in the middle of the photo, you need to go to… South Windsor Boulevard, between the 4th and the 6th street.
  • In the same style, but without the palm trees: North Beachwood Drive. You will get there the best pictures on the corner of North Gower Street or Temple Hill Drive. The spot is usually free from the inhabitants as it’s not yet the coveted hill…

If you are with your family

If you have more time, bring your little family to Hollywood Lake Park (3160 Canyon Drive, Los Angeles, CA 90027). Big green spaces, playgrounds for kids, tables for picnics, and… a beautiful view on the Hollywood Sign.

If you are fine with walking

The favorite hike of Los Angelinos for the jogging of the morning is the Lake Hollywood Trail. Close to the Hollywood Lake Park, this walk provides nice access to the dam and offers stunning views on the Hollywood Sign.

If you want it more glamorous

In that case, don’t be too shy to take out your wallet and book the tour of the Studios paramount. Cinema-lovers will appreciate it, especially since Paramount is the only studio still active located in Hollywood. Think that all the stars of the Golden Age enjoyed this view… More than a symbol!

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