How to get a tour of Google headquarters?

google tour mountain view

Google is one of the most recognized companies in technology providing access to information globally. But that’s not the only thing this company craves for innovation is highlighted. Google has revolutionized the Internet world while knowing how to develop a new vision of work, work that combines open-mindedness, entrepreneurship, and knowing how to integrate the pleasures of everyday life. With this new philosophy and vision of what it is to work, Google has built a unique and innovative place to support their employees in their professional expansion: The Googleplex. The center is located in California near San José and is considered the headquarters of Google. Forbes magazine voted the Googleplex as one of the best places to work in the United States which is one of the must-see places to discover. In this article, you will find out everything you need to know before you google Silicon Valley tour and what you can expect from an expedition at the google office tour. You will finally be able to discover the philosophy that has developed for its employees and how it is shown on the Google campus.

The Googleplex history

how to get a tour of google headquarters

Before we dive into google tour mountain view, we are going to give you more of how the Google complex was built. The word Googleplex is a combination of google combined with a complex which simply describes the usefulness of this place. It is located in Mountain View in California and is located near San José. Google has a lot of headquarters all over the world such as Asia, Europe, and South America, but this one appears as the official headquarters of the company. The site was originally a place of various organizations specializing in graphic design. With the expansion, the location has allowed the development of an employee headquarters with enough space for extensive parking and the possibility of adding other buildings. Since the 2000s, Google has continued to expand its site in line with the company’s reputation. Currently, the site consists of the Googleplex which is mainly used as an office for the employees of the firm but also other buildings and locations in Mountain Views.

Can you tour google headquarters?

Although the Google company is all the more attached to the notion of confidentiality, the fascination generated by the world-famous company made them want to open the doors of their site to visitors. To be able to visit the place, it is usually necessary to know someone who works there but still, the answer is yes you can! The Google headquarters tours give you access to different sections of the Google headquarters. However, when you visit google headquarters it is not possible for you to access employee offices for privacy reasons.

For the google office tours, be aware that the site is huge so you can have access to bicycles to be able to get around easily. Visitors can access it and experience the unique look of the bikes that google employees use to get around their worksite.

Google mascots

google silicon valley tour

The Googleplex tour usually begins by visiting the statuses of Google mascots. This part of the Googleplex visit will introduce you to gigantic statuses representative of Android with Kitkats, Marshmallows, or even Cupcakes. The new version of Android is not yet featured and some statues have aged a bit. The new Android versions are located in various places on the site, notably next to Stan, the gigantic dinosaur who is also a mascot for the employee. But it can be a nice way of visiting google campus especially if you have kids. Access to the mascot park is free and open.

Souvenir shop

You can visit the Google headquarters tours by visiting the Google store, which will allow you to discover the most high-tech gifts to spoil your loved ones. For a long time, the store was not accessible to visitors. You can find different gadgets there between 5 to 10 dollars. You also have the opportunity to find this online store if you are interested.

The Museum

visit google headquarters

To continue the visit, you can continue the discovery thanks to the Visitor Center, which is a museum that allows you to see the evolution of Google. There you will find several giant computers as well as designer rest chairs especially to allow employees to rest. It is necessary to be accompanied to make this visit.

If you are lucky enough to have a contact working at Google, you can also explore other areas such as organic gardens, an athlete park for employees, solar panels, sports fields, swimming pools as well as barbecue areas. You will discover the real daily life of Google employers there, enough to make you want to stay there to take advantage of this new philosophy combining dolce Vita with work. The headquarters of Google is like a whole other planet! You will feel amazed by the great things they have!

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