How to avoid sunburn on vacation?


In summer, everybody tries to make the most of their vacation. It’s time to get a charge of health and vigor for the rest of the year on the beach. At the same time, many have heard about both the benefits and the dangers of tanning. How dangerous are baby sunburn? How does the sun affect the lips? Is it possible to sunburn through glass? We’ve decided to get to the bottom of all the intricacies.

Ultraviolet has useful properties: it improves sleep and mood, increases immunity, helps eliminate heavy metals, heals wounds, and most importantly, it provides a synthesis of vitamin D, necessary for bones and teeth. However, only moderate tanning (you can get a tan even in the shade!) guarantees all these advantages. But if you lie in the sun excessively, you can sunbathe even after 4 pm and earn a lot of problems, among which sunburns will be the smallest evil.

How dangerous are baby sunburn?

sunburn on vacation

Remember that tanning is a protective reaction of the body to sunlight. However, the younger the child, the worse he perceives tanning. Your baby’s skin does not yet have time to produce enough melanin, which is responsible for sun protection.

Babies under a year shouldn’t be in direct sunlight at all. You should cover your baby’s head and put on lightweight cotton clothes in light tones if you and the baby on a sunny day out. If the baby is undressed, it can only be under diffuse sunlight: in the shade of trees or under an umbrella.

It is not advisable for children after one year to be under direct sunlight between 10 am and 4 pm. The rest is the best time to tan outside. Be sure to use sunscreen and reapply it to the skin every 2 hours.

Excess sunlight threatens children with increased risk of developing skin cancer, breast cancer tumors. Also, if they do not wear sunglasses, they may suffer from visual impairment. Finally, excess ultraviolet reduces local and general immunity – which leads to worsening or even the emergence of many chronic diseases.

How does the sun affect the lips?

how to avoid sunburn on vacation

Lips can be burned by direct sunlight quite quickly. After all, the skin on this part of the body is thin, it is devoid of sebaceous glands, so the fluid in the tissues does not stay.

The lips instantly dry out of the heat, so there’s a desire to lick them. And you can’t do that under any circumstances. Moisture evaporates, and the radiation is intensely attracted. Lips are sunburned, dehydrated, cracked — such damage increases the pain and risk of infection.

The probability of lip sunburn increases if the lips already have wounds, cracks, rashes. If a person continues to sunbathe without giving importance to the first signs of discomfort on his lips (severe burning, swelling, dryness), he provokes severe damage to other parts of the skin and the general condition of the body. There is weakness, headache, nausea, fainting, convulsions.

Is it possible to sunburn through glass?

Ordinary window glass keeps UV rays from passing through. So the sunlight passing through the windshield will not cause a tan. You can only get a tan through quartz glass that is transparent to ultraviolet. Not all UV rays cause melanin production (tanning).

It is not possible to tan through a window glass – it almost retains the type B UV rays (which are responsible for tanning). However, the glass transmits type A UV rays – they are the ones that cause photo-aging of the skin and atrophy of subcutaneous fat tissue.

If you still want to go to the beach, we’ve prepared some essential tips on how to tan and not burn!

how to tan and not burn

Assemble your minimal first aid kit to minimize sunburn damage with our article.

The following recommendations will help you get a nice tan:

  • The first visit to the beach should last 20-30 minutes. For people with light skin, 15 minutes is enough.
  • It is desirable to sunbathe no more than three hours a day. The rest of the time better to stay in the shade for you.
  • Safe time in the sun in the morning before 11 o’clock and the evening after 4 pm. During the day, stay indoors or in the shade. If you doubt the safety of the sun’s rays, pay attention to your shadow: it should be larger than your height. Otherwise, there’s a danger of getting burned.
  • You can also sunbathe in the shade under a canopy. This method is preferable for people with sensitive skin.
  • Use high-quality sunscreen and do not forget about sensitive areas such as the face and neck. It is better to apply the product half an hour before going out and every time after bathing.
  • Wear a headdress, lightweight closed clothes, quality sunglasses.
  • Drink enough water and increase the number of fruits and vegetables in your diet.
  • If you are taking any medication, consult your doctor about sunbathing.
  • Limit your stay in the sun if you have hypertrophic birthmarks or any skin growths.
  • Refuse perfumery. It may lead to pigment spots.

What to do if you get sunburns?

Start sunburn treatment immediately. Drink a few glasses of water to help moisturize your skin. We recommend applying a cream containing panthenol to damaged areas.

A nice tan is a lovely addition to a trip to the sea. The main thing is your health, take care of it and remember that in everything you need to know the measure.

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