How to avoid punishment in a foreign country?

avoid punishment

A walk through the city streets during a trip abroad is a huge opportunity to get acquainted with the new culture, see the sights and alluring places, taste national dishes, and enjoy the views. A necessary element of the walk, in addition to comfortable clothing, a camera, and good weather, should be respected for the rules of conduct in public places. This article will secure and free you from unnecessary problems with law enforcement.


Throwing papers or other garbage is not only unethical, but it also violates the law in most countries. Tourists should be more careful and use garbage cans, if not, you may get a fine. In some states, such as Japan, you should pay attention to the type of garbage and use a container with appropriate markings. Such countries are scrupulous about sorting and recycling waste.


Penalties for violation of the smokefree air law in public places are imposed almost everywhere. Relaxing in the park with a cigarette or smoking while waiting for the bus is not an option for tourists. You can only smoke in specially reserved areas.

Photo and video shooting

Memorable pictures are a paramount part of the trip. Tourists are used to taking pictures of everything in their path. However, in some countries, such behavior threatens not only administrative penalties but also detention. In the UAE countries, it is not allowed to photograph locals and women and their pets. In most Asian and some European countries, it is not allowed to take pictures of state and strategic objects.

Always pay attention to the warning signs!

Food consumption in public places

Grabbing a bite to eat on the go is not a good idea if the walk takes too long. In Japan or Singapore, this would entail monetary penalties, as in several other States. It is better to find a suitable establishment or go to a hotel. The use of alcohol in a public place is also unacceptable.

Cross the street correctly!

Forget that you can cross the road in the wrong place if there are no cars or they are far away. In many countries, especially in Europe, crossing the street in the wrong place is a severe penalty.Follow the traffic rules!

In another country you can break not only the laws but also the rules of good manners about which you can read in our article.

Bird Feeding

Be careful if you want to honor birds on quays, in parks, and other public places. Feeding of pigeons and other birds is officially forbidden in many countries, as pigeons are disease vectors. States that prohibit the feeding of birds include Thailand, Italy, England, Spain, Germany, Finland. Violation of this prohibition is subject to a fine.

These general rules are for travelers to remember wherever they go. Besides, each state has its laws, the violation of which leads to punishment or more sobering problems. Remember: the fact that you are a tourist does not relieve you of the law.

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