How do Japanese eat sushi

best way to eat sushi

Japan is a fascinating country, mainly because of its attachment to tradition. Indeed, it is for this specific reason that the journalist Junko Takahashi took a closer look in order to understand how the relationship of the Japanese to their tradition, including that of food, is one of the factors of exceptional longevity. of life. In her book “The Japanese Way to Live 100,” the author notes the importance of traditional Japanese food as one of the components of well-being. But even more specifically, she mentions how food is incorporated into a whole universe of tradition and custom in the way sushi is eaten. In this article, we will first take a look at what sushi is and what it represents in traditional Japanese culture. Then, we will suggest that you review the different sushi etiquette. What is the correct way to eat sushi?

How to serve sushi? The different types of sushi to discover

how to serve sushi

Before we delve more into the proper sushi etiquette, we will first offer you the different combinations of sushi that can be found in Japan. There are different variations depending on the ingredients, shapes, and how they are put together. Sushi has different names that are directly associated with these different factors. For example, sushi made with salmon usually starts with sake, unlike those with tuna called maguro. This is why sometimes sushi of the same shape has a different name. During your stay in Japan, you will be able to discover the following specialties

  • Makizushi: This sushi is made using a piece of seaweed that is wrapped around rice and fish in sushi. The seaweed used for its manufacture is called nori.
  • Nigirizushi: a specialty that comes from Tokyo and combines a thin slice of raw fish placed on top of rice.
  • Temakizushi: The particular shape of this sushi is that of a cone and is rolled up with nori.
  • Inarizushi: This sushi has the originality of being vegetarian, made by wrapping a rice ball around fried tofu.
  • Likura gunkan: Another way of wrapping the rice with a fine dried seaweed and adding salmon roe.
  • Oshizushi: this type of sushi comes from Osaka and consists of marinated fish.

Therefore, there is a particular way to eat them in order to best respect the chef’s work. In the rest of this article, we will offer you the different proper sushi etiquette.

Best way to eat sushi: Everything you need to know from how to serve sushi to how to eat sashimi

how do japanese eat sushi

While being able to enjoy sushi is a blessing, it can sometimes be difficult to know how to eat sushi. In the rest of this article, we have given you some golden rules to discovering the proper way to eat sushi rolls.

The soy

The first rule of thumb to respect the proper way to eat sushi is to accompany them with an incredible soy sauce. You can find them sweet or savory, depending on your taste in the market. It is an essential food. Note that soy sauce is there just to flavor your sushi, so that’s why you should avoid soaking the rice in soy sauce. Indeed, this may cause your sushi to fall into different parts of your soy sauce. The recommendations are therefore to gently dip the raw fish in the sushi in the sauce by tilting your sushi at 90 degrees.

The chopsticks

As you may have already noticed, it is important to use chopsticks to eat your sushi and especially not a fork. Chopsticks are the only way you can eat sushi properly because they were designed for it. If you don’t feel comfortable eating your sushi with chopsticks, you can still use your fingers. The technique for eating your sushi is to place your chopsticks horizontally parallel to your sushi and then pinch them. To avoid breaking your sushi before eating it, it is important not to catch it in the center but on the ends of the sushi.


If you were wondering how to eat sushi ginger, know that you should always save the ginger for the end of the meal. Ginger is not a side dish like sauce. Indeed, although many people enjoy sushi along with ginger, that is not their function. Ginger has the function of being able to cleanse the palate and that is why it is kept for the end or between two courses. Ginger, by virtue of its pronounced taste, allows you to rinse the palate and better enjoy the different flavors that you taste. Note that this is the same for wasabi which should not be mixed directly into the soy sauce.

The sushi

sushi rules

It’s important to note that sushi is built to be eaten in a bite. Indeed, sushi offers a balance between flavors and must therefore be eaten without being divided in two. Likewise, it is super frowned upon to bite into sushi. Indeed, this cuts the balance created by the chef and is very badly perceived in Japan.

In this article, we have introduced you to the proper way to eat sushi like they do in Japan. The last golden rule is to enjoy because that’s what makes sushi so magical.

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