Horseback riding tips for beginners horseback tours

horseback riding tips

Tourists often go hiking: in the mountains, forests – depends on the level of preparedness and interests of tourists. However, hiking is a test of endurance. Experienced travelers also say that the mountains are a test of friendship. Specialized clubs offer dozens of routes for adventure seekers. But today we are going to discuss something new. Another type of hiking is horseback riding. Such rest seems to be easier at first, but horseback tours also require physical training and strict observance of rules. Let’s find out.


It is believed that horse riding requires special training. It’s not exactly like that. Of course, people who ride horses regularly are easier to adapt to hiking. However, hiking is suitable even for those who have never seen a horse. Instructors advise on how to behave, what to do while riding on a horse before leaving. All you have to do is follow the instructions clearly and do not get nervous. The horse is a very sensitive animal and can take your anxiety as a danger. Pre-training is a good idea if you have never ridden a horse before. Take 2-3 riding lessons. It seems to be easy, but in fact, it can cause discomfort, fear, and better to find out how you feel on the back of a big animal before riding.

Choosing a horse

riding tips

Do not choose the most active horse if you have a short riding experience. By the way, there’s a nuance in equestrian clubs. There’ll always be an animal with a hard temper in the herd. It will not stand still when you try to ride, will not go on walking if necessary – there are many surprises. They rarely offered to tourists, but it happens. So you should not confidently declare your ability to ride if it is not. Your safety comes first. Hiking is not a race.


The choice of clothes should be taken seriously. Exclude skirts or shorts from your wardrobe. You’ll wipe the skin off your bare legs very quickly. Elements of equipment and hard horse hair will make you forget about open clothes for a long time. Narrow clothes also recommended excluding. Clothing for riding should be flexible, slightly spacious so that movements are free, calm. Choose shoes on soft soles. Do not use recently purchased shoes because they may rub your feet, and you will regret this decision again.


Horse equipment usually checked by instructors, grooms, other workers. If you do not have enough experience, we recommend that you do not pull or untie anything. The main thing – choose a saddle for yourself. You need to worry about it before the hike. Sit down, try to go for a lap. Long sitting in an uncomfortable position will make your hike unbearable. The resting gear distributes among everyone. Warm clothes, food, personal hygiene items, waterproof jacket, sleeping gear – the main things you will need. Additional equipment depends on the type of hike, many people, and terrain.

Riding Features

riding features

Riding on horses by an organized group is not an easy task. For an animal, too. There are dozens of irritants around, which can scare even an experienced horse. It is necessary to consider the terrain: the animal does not understand that the ground is soft after rain, sand, or other difficult conditions ahead. The ascents, descents, meetings with cyclists and other people also have nuances for the rider. We advise you to follow the instructor’s recommendations when it comes to moving.

Horse riding vacations is a romantic journey with a sporty focus. Do not disregard our advice. If you decide to choose this type of recreation, follow simple rules so as not to be disappointed. And remember, the horse is your friend and companion!

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