Honda CRV Camper Is The Best Place to Sleep When Traveling – You Will Be Surprised

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How to Make a Bed in a Honda CRV Camper Conversion and All about CRV Camping

Want to stay in your car while camping? Make a comfortable place to sleep in your car, especially if you choose a Honda CRV car. The Honda CRV car is ideal for camping. You can often see the most spacious vans on the Internet, but what if you make your own the same. You should consider some advantages in this, as there will be many opportunities to spend the night, moreover, it is quick and practical. Also, you do not have to suffer from tents, since it is not always comfortable to sleep in them, insects and extraneous sounds can prevent you from sleeping enough.

There is not always time, opportunity, skill, or patience for this, so today you will learn how to do it easily and effortlessly. Even though this is camping in a car and not in a van, there will be limited space, but that does not mean that it will be uncomfortable! There is not much information on the Internet on how to make a sleeper in a car, so this article will collect guides on how to build a sleeper in a Honda CRV. We will tell you how to make your sleeping place very comfortable. We have collected a lot of tips for this. Here you will learn about why to build a bed in a car, how to sleep comfortably in a CRV, what you need for this, and in general how to convert a CRV into a camper. If you are a travel lover, and you do not always manage to stay in comfortable hotels, or you don’t have time to set up a tent, then this article is what you need!

Why Build a Bed in Honda CRV Camper

Quite often, it happens that during a road trip there is not always the opportunity and strength to set up a camp to spend the night in the middle of the way, and even more so to rent a hotel room if you went inland from civilization. Sometimes, there is simply no place on the camping site for those who arrived late at night.

If you are a lucky owner of a CRV camper, then you are very lucky, because the bed can be built directly in a Honda CRV. Having a bed in your car makes you as mobile as possible. After all, now you can build a route as you wish, meet the sunrises and see off the sunsets in any place, and not sacrifice beautiful views for the night in a paid hostel room. An overnight stay in a car is also a more advantageous option than, for example, in a tent. Firstly, it is much warmer and safer, and weather conditions will not be a big obstacle.

How to Create a Bed Platform or CRV Camper Conversion

It is not necessary to have experience in creating something like this to create a comfortable sleeping place in the Honda CRV. If in your car, the backs of the front and rear seats can be folded out to a horizontal or almost horizontal position into a flat berth, or there is enough length of the car to form a flat berth by folding only the rear, without touching the front seats, then you are guaranteed a good rest and sleep.

Enough to form a cozy, and most importantly, comfortable sleeping place. If you are having trouble reclining the rear seats (which is more common in older models), you can go online for this solution. When building a bed, keep in mind that you need tools to make edits and adjust to the desired size.

A Little about the Design of the Honda CRV Camper

convert crv to camper

For the base of the bed, you need 3 sheets of durable plywood, this will be enough. They should be connected with hinges and then the bed will be foldable. Then you need to lay a sheet, the first one will cover the trunk area. The second sheet should cover the rear seats, but the seats must be folded down before doing so.

And finally, the third sheet, which will cover the space above the legroom of sleeping passengers. This way you get a comfortable bed right in the car! Above all, don’t forget your pillows and a blanket, especially if the weather isn’t very good. Before setting up a sleeping place in the car, be sure to take your measurements of the car to make sure everything fits. In this case, you will get the perfect sleeping place anywhere in the world.

Take a Measurement for Honda CRV Camping

The primary task for converting a CRV camper is taking measurements.

The first step is to figure out all the dimensions to make sure that your bed will fit in the car, but also to position it correctly once it is built. Also, that you will have a place to fold, and storage under it. Sleeping comfortably in a Honda CRV tent trailer is certainly no easy task, but these will give you all the details for maximum comfort.

Measurement of Growth

Lie on the floor and ask someone to measure your height. Ideally, add extra sheets to make sure you’re comfortable.

Measuring feet

It is necessary to calculate the height from the floor, where the passenger seat is, to the top of the seats folded in uncommon condition. This is the height of the two legs that will support sheet 3.

Also, measure the height from the floor in the cargo area to the top of the passenger seats when folded down – this is the height of the four legs that will support sheet 1.

For the Plywood Platform

For sheet 1 in the trunk

It is worth measuring the width of the tailgate at the height of the bed. And this is the maximum width.

Further, the distance between the inside of the tailgate and the hinges of the passenger seats. This will be the maximum length.

For sheet 2 above the backrest of passenger seats

It is necessary to calculate the distance from the hinges of the passenger seats to the top of the seats, at the height of the bed. This is the length.

Take the length of the tarp and use this to calculate the height of the bed. Next, you should measure the distance across the car from this point. This is the width.

For sheet 3 above the recesses for the feet of passengers

Measure the distance from the top of the passenger seats to the back of the front seats as they are extended and moved forward. This value is equal to the length.

The width of sheet 3 should be the same as sheet 2, as this is the smallest part.

The Comfort and Convenience of an Automobile Honda CRV Camping

crv camper

A sleeping place in a Honda CRV is comfortable enough. At least when you compare it to a tent. The bed looks like a double bed. And if you block the windows at night, then the rays of the sun after dawn will not interfere with your sleep. And this is another advantage since it is impossible to sleep in a tent because the sun’s rays still shine directly into your eyes. As for insects, a sleeping place in a car wins a tent.

When the windows of the car are closed, you are not afraid of any insects. But if you are still afraid that something may bite you or interfere with your sleep, then we advise you to purchase an insect spray. Also about the weather, in the car, you will not be prevented from sleeping not only by the sun’s rays but also by a sudden rain or even a thunderstorm. All in all, a sleeping place in Honda CRV is the perfect option if you need to spend the night in a deserted area. The Honda CRV car is especially well suited for camping.


One of the most important benefits is that you will be protected from external factors such as insects, animals, and more. Sleeping in a Honda CRV will always be safer than sleeping in a tent, as you will be protected from rain and cold winds when the weather changes. If you choose a tent, then do not forget that the ground may not always be flat, there can be holes or small bumps that will not allow you to sleep comfortably.

Also, the car will be a very great privilege, since your things will always be with you in the car, no one can pick you up, steal things or disturb you during sleep. Therefore, you should think about having a sleeping place for a car, it has many advantages, such as comfort, safety. It would also be a very good solution to purchase window blinds for your Honda CRV van, and there will be more privacy and comfort in your CRV camping.

Benefits of Camping with a Honda CRV

One of the main advantages of camping with a Honda CRV is the economy. Hotel rooms are not cheap these days. If you often travel, but you do not always have large amounts of money with, then the car camping option in the Honda CRV is the best that can be in this situation. You will not only spend money, but also lose time looking for a hotel. Another plus is that you can sleep anytime, anywhere.

After all, we all know that if the road is long, and the night is close, then the person gets tired and begins to want to sleep. A sleepless driver can be as dangerous to other people as a drunk driver. He loses vigilance, and this is very dangerous. Therefore, it is very important to understand that if you start to slowly fall asleep while driving, then you need to stop and just sleep in a CRV. Maybe you will be late somewhere, but you will remain alive. Especially when you have the opportunity to sleep in a CRV.

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