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Man’s incredible ability to adapt has helped us develop and spread across almost the entire earth. Nowadays, it is hard to find a place where a man has not reached. We have conquered the deepest ocean and climbed the highest mountains. However, to conquer the peak is one thing, but to found a settlement there is quite another. Today we will talk about the highest cities in the world, where there is little oxygen, low temperature, but people still live there for a long time.

El Alto

el alto

Let’s start our small top with the highest city in the highest country. El Alto is located in Bolivia, and it is not just a village — it is the biggest and highest elevation city, based at an altitude of 4.2 km above sea level.

The young city arose only about a hundred years ago as a result of the laying of railroads and the foundation of a military base in these places. Later, locals achieved autonomy and recognition of this territory as a separate city. Thus, the poor came here in search of a better fate from all over Bolivia. It made El Alto one of the highest-altitude city in the world, and at the same time, one of the fastest-growing. Over the past few decades, the city’s population has grown several times and now exceeds one million people.

However, these factors have made this place unattractive for tourists. The young city with the highest elevation has no historical heritage, cultural center, and ancient attractions. It is difficult to meet a tourist here because the population is mainly poor Bolivians. So it is both the largest and poorest highest city in the world.

Namche Bazaar


There may be high altitude cities that are higher than this one, but we couldn’t help mentioning Everest when we talk about heights. The village is located in Nepal at an altitude of about 3.5 km above sea level.

Originally it was a market where high altitude shepherds sold animal products in exchange for plants of lowland residents. Centuries later, the settlement is still a haven for travelers. The road to Everest passes through Namche Bazaar. Thanks to this, the city has a very developed infrastructure, many hotels, stores, cafes, and even a museum. However, the views from the outside are much more impressive than the exhibits. There is even a point where you can see the peak of the highest mountain in sunny weather.

Although Namche Bazaar is not the highest-altitude city in the world, it deservedly takes its place in this list and deserves our recommendation for a visit.

La Rinconada


This city takes first place among the cities with the highest elevation. It is located high in the Andes, on the territory of Peru. Its altitude is about 5.1 km above sea level.

What made people live there? To begin with, let us add a few more disadvantages of this location related to height. The tallest city in the world has no infrastructure in the modern sense of the word. Of course, one narrow mountain trail leads to the settle, but those who have passed it meet complete chaos.

There are no hospitals, no police stations, and no public catering facilities. There is not even garbage and sewerage. People live in shacks, throw out impurities on the street, and burn trash.

Only one thing can outweigh all the deprivations described above – gold. It is for gold that people climb to the highest city in the world, work there for FREE, and do not even have the opportunity to spend money there. Such inhuman conditions have earned for the city the glory of the city of desperate workers, where people leave their health in the hope of finding the sacred ore. We do not recommend you to visit it.

These three cities from the list of high altitude cities are worthy of the attention of amorous adventurers, but some places are better to watch from a distance. However, if you are a hardened extreme, then visiting such places may become one of the most unusual experiences in life.

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