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top gay travel destinations

Despite the relentless struggle for laws to further support the rights of homosexual and LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender) people, the security of this community is not yet acquired and established. Thus, people in the community have to face many forms of discrimination such as discrimination in employment, access to social rights, access to healthcare, and in their daily life in general. But the oppression doesn’t end there.

Being able to leave home and feel safe in public spaces is a privilege that LGBT people do not necessarily have to depend on in the countries in which they live. Although more educational work and integration of justice is needed, for a society to evolve and change, it takes time. In the rest of this article, we will take a closer look at LGBT and gay vacation spots. Indeed, like many of the discriminations mentioned above, access to travel is also an element that must be considered by the LGBT community in order to be able to enjoy a safe holiday. First, this article will refer you to the “Gay Travel Index” ranking which offers a guide for gay vacation destinations. Subsequently, we will make a selection of the top gay destinations taking into account their different internal policies vis-à-vis the LGBT community.

Gay Travel Index: A ranking of best gay travel destinations

gay friendly places to travel

The Gay Travel Index is a ranking of different countries that welcomes homosexuals according to different criteria. This classification takes into account anti-LGBT laws, the presence of gay pride or not, sanctions against lesbians and gays, the power of religion, etc. Each year, a new classification is updated according to the laws of the country regarding the LGBT issue. It is a way for those concerned to find out about themselves and to choose a destination where they will feel safe. It is published annually by Spartacus’ international gay guide. So, although we are going to make a selection of gay friendly travel destinations for you, it is always important to check the news of these destinations thanks to this guide which is updated every year.

Best gay vacation destinations

Now that you have had a little access to a general perspective on gay friendly travel and the criteria to take into account, we invite you to discover our ranking. You will discover the best gay vacation spots and why this destination is right for you.

lgbt travel destinations


Canada is definitely one of the gay friendly vacation spots thanks to one of the most benevolent laws towards the LGBT community but also towards various minorities such as ethnic minorities. It is not only that the laws will protect you but also the collective thought. Indeed, education regarding sexual diversity is particularly prevalent in Canada, which brings a greater tolerance and understanding of LGBT issues by the population in general. Big cities are the best gay friendly places to travel to, for example, bigger cities like Vancouver, Montreal, Toronto, or even Halifax. If you are planning on going there during the summer, you will also have the opportunity to attend many gay prides that aim to celebrate the beauty that lies in sexual diversity. It is also a good way to dance in the streets while listening to avant-garde techno music surrounded by a group that values ​​tolerance and respect for all. The largest of the celebration is in Toronto but you will find some in Montreal, Quebec, and Ottawa. Plus, if you have the opportunity to travel to Montreal, you will discover a city that values ​​gender deconstruction and sexual freedom. There is even a district dedicated to celebrating homosexuality called the “Village where you will discover many bars and nightclubs”.


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It is only recently that Portugal has become a country for LGBT travel destinations. Indeed, Portugal is still a very conservative country with a great influence of the Catholic religion. However, since 2000, the evolution of rights for the gay community has been impressive. In addition, Portugal’s new policy of bringing in international investors has also enabled Portugal to open up to a generally more open-mind vision. It is mainly in Lisbon that the best establishments open to LGBT travelers are found, but also promote a more alternative culture. Here you will find the Principe Real district and the Bairro Alto district with new trendy bars and clubs. Likewise, in the old quarter of Jardim de Cordoaria, you will find many discos where you can dance the night away in complete safety. In general, thoughts are more open-minded in large cities like Lisbon or Porto than in villages still influenced by ancient religious traditions.


gay friendly vacation spots

Sweden is renowned for having one of the most forward-thinking visions when it comes to LGBT rights and gender deconstruction. With an educational system that addresses diversity from an early age, Sweden has for several years seen its legislation evolve in favor of the LGBT community. Recently a law on marriage that does not present the distinction of the sexes has just been introduced. Additionally, Sweden is one of the safest countries for the LGBT community, and many tourists from the community visit regularly. You will also have the opportunity to attend one of the biggest gay pride shows which takes place in Stockholm and which demonstrates the great integration of the gay community into Swedish society.

In this article, we have made a selection of the top gay travel destinations according to the country. However, it is important to note that one can also find different cities with a positive vision of the LGBT community such as New York, San Francisco, Berlin, London but that the rest of the country does not necessarily follow this model of inclusion. . Do not hesitate to inform yourself before choosing your destination because it is important to be able to feel safe and to know the laws that protect you or not in the country of your destination. Once you have completed this security check, do not forget to take advantage of it because it is one of the main elements of travel, regardless of your sexual identity.

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