Best Gay Vacation Spots in the US and Why You Should Visit Exactly These Places

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Life for the LGBT community in the United States has never been more diverse. It started back in 2003 when the state of Massachusetts legalized same-sex marriage. Since then, 35 other states have joined gay-friendly politics. Today, a fairly large number of different cities in the United States have a good relationship with the gay community and annually host various bright and noisy parades and events estimated for this group. If you haven’t decided where you would like to go yet, we have compiled for you some of the most LGBT-friendly places in the USA.

Provincetown, Massachusetts

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Given the fact that it is the city with the highest rate of same-sex marriage in the entire country, LGBT people are welcomed here with open arms at any time of the year. The city of Provincetown is rightfully one of the best gay vacation spots in the USA, as in the summer, there are various parties for the LGBT community almost every day. If you come here in June, you can see the Provincetown parade. And if you decide to visit this city in July, then you have a chance to get to such events as Bear Week and Girl Splash. This is a real friendly vacation spot and therefore a great option for gay travel destinations, even for singles. Provincetown is also home to one of the oldest gay bars in the United States with incredibly tasty and interesting drinks. So, if you’ve chosen this city as a gay and lesbian vacation spot, be sure to check it out!

Fort Lauderdale, Florida

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It sounds like a challenge, the fact that the capital is considered the gay hub of its state, right? It makes you think about how to check if these rumors correspond to the hype. So we fully assure you that Ford Lauderdale meets the gay vacation spot requirements.

Fort Lauderdale has the second-largest population of same-sex couples after Provincetown and sees approximately 1.1 million visitors annually! There are so many wonderful gay-friendly establishments on the streets of this resort town that it’s hard to count, even more so when you visit the nearby gay Wilton Manors area or even further down the coast to sexy and open-minded Miami.

Believe it or not, there are over 30 different gay bars and clubs between Fort Lauderdale and Wilton Manors, and any of them is more cheeky and memorable than the last. Ramrod is the oldest bar in town, but we also recommend The Manor for its tons of dance floors and Rosie’s Bar and Grill for its interesting names and food themes.

If the noisy gatherings and parties are not for you, then you will definitely enjoy visiting the Out of the Closet gay thrift store or being in the World AIDS Museum or the National Museum and Archives of Stonewall. Also, we cannot forget about the events of Pride. Their official parade arrives in town in October and is accompanied by the Outshine LGBT Film Festival. But if you’re planning to come during summer, Wilton Manors hosts the Stonewall Pride Parade in June and is also worth it.

Fire Island, New York

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This small town is one of the best gay-friendly travel destinations in New York. Only about 310 people live here, and most of them are gay men between the ages of 20 and 50. Rest assured, this is truly one of the most gay-friendly vacation spots in the USA. Staying in this pleasant and comfortable place will leave you with only positive impressions of it.

This gay travel destination is just two hours from Manhattan, but it still seems like a very distant world. It has its own rules and strict timetable. If you decide to visit this place, then never forget about these points and read them in advance. It may sound stressful, but you don’t need to worry! You can easily get used to it.

Pines and Cherry Grove are nice districts where you can spend time with your lover. There are also some lovely gay beaches here. This is a great place to chat and find a soul mate. But there are also amazing gays bars like Blue Whale or Ice Palace. Each bar has its own atmosphere that will not make you bored. Exactly in this place, you can find what you were looking for, and you are unlikely to ever forget it.

Key West, Florida

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Another great gay-friendly vacation spot in Florida that you should definitely visit for an amazing and unforgettable experience! Representatives of the LGBT community from all over the world come here, so you will definitely find new interesting acquaintances or even a soul mate here. For an active and fun pastime, you should visit such popular bars as Aqua, 801 Bourbon, and Bourbon Street Pub, all of which differ in their atmosphere and are extremely different from each other. Aqua Bar can entertain you with its nightly shows, dancing, and incredible taste of drinks, while 801 Bourbon offers its visitors everything from bingo games to karaoke. But if you are looking for thrill and piquant sensations, then feel free to go to the Bourbon Street pub. Various eccentric dance shows are often held here. Feel free to head to this gay travel destination in Florida, and we guarantee you unforgettable memories. Parties are held here all year round, so whenever you come, you will definitely not be bored!

Palm Springs, California

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We could not fail to mention this magical place on our list of the best gay and lesbian travel destinations. This is a world-famous gay vacation spot in the USA with the warm Californian sun, where tens of thousands of people from all over the world come every year. This is no coincidence, as this city holds the title of the city with the largest concentration of LGBT resorts in the United States. Almost half of the population of the entire city is gay, so here you have a better chance of finding new friends or even a soul mate here. Here everyone will find entertainment to their liking. For example, Toucans Tiki Lounge will impress you with its exotic and tropical aesthetics, while Stacy’s Palm Springs will allow you to enjoy incredible jazz music. If you want to diversify your trip, then you can go to Los Angeles, famous for its vibrant nightlife. Getting there will not be difficult for you, because it is located two hours from Palm Springs.

Interesting Facts

  1. What city is the gayest in the USA? Provincetown, Massachusetts is the gayest city in America that was recognized by the US Census Bureau.
  2. What is the gayest state in America? Nevada is considered such a state due to the low rate of hate crimes against the LGBT community.
  3. Where is the gayest place in the world? The Boston Globe named Tel Aviv as the gayest place in the world, as polls have shown it to be the most gay-friendly place.
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