Five essential road trip rules

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Driving is a breathtaking opportunity to see new places, giving a feeling of freedom and independence. The incomparable romance and the space to see the world encourage many motorists to go on holiday in their car. But a long journey can be a test of strength. Driving long distances can put a strain on your back and joints. Apart from the state of your body, you should also worry about the condition of all the systems in your car. How can you minimize the inconvenience and make the road trip a real pleasure? Below you will find five road trip rules from experienced drivers.

What to check on a car before a road trip?

A long ride by car is an increased load on the vehicle. You will most likely travel with extra luggage, and your way will pass through hills and maybe even mountains. To avoid being in a difficult situation in the middle of the highway or an unfamiliar place, make sure that your car is fully functional and can withstand a long journey before leaving. Have your auto inspected by a service station, check the oil level, performance of all the devices, components, and systems of the car. Replace defective parts if necessary. Use tires suitable for the time of year you will face. Assess the situation and capabilities of your car model. Remember to stock the road trip kit: repair tools, spare wheel, pump, gasoline canister, clean water, tow rope, and other things you need for a road trip.

Think of a route

Carefully decide where you are going, how you are going to spend the night, which paths to choose for your trip. Familiarize yourself with the features of the roads, explore parking and service stations, gas stations, rest and meal areas. Calculate your route so that you don’t end up with an empty tank in a deserted area or looking for a parking space for hours. Some roads can cost money, so be sure to check in advance. Keep in mind the specifics of the roads, relate your route selection to the technical capabilities of your car.

How to avoid highway hypnosis?

Driver’s lack of sleep and fatigue are common causes of accidents. Reduced attention and concentration lead to traffic violations and harmful consequences. Ideally, travel with someone who can replace you at the wheel. Otherwise, take your time and make rest stops. While driving, the person falls asleep in a second and has no control over himself. Take care of the accommodation, book hotels in advance, and explore the location of the resting places on your way. Don’t miss out on meals: Hunger contributes to low blood sugar levels, which in some cases leads to dizziness, deterioration of health, and even loss of consciousness. However, you should not overeat: a crowded stomach increases sleepiness. Keep an eye on your well-being. In case of any sickness, make a stop.

What to bring on a road trip?

driving comfort

Make your driving comfort. Being behind the wheel for a long time is uncomfortable: constant sitting in one position, back, and neck muscles can make a trip a real pain. Make stops to stretch out, use an orthopedic backrest pad, and a neck cushion to make driving easier. It is convenient to take on the road an inflatable mattress for rest and a warm blanket. Don’t forget to dress comfortably: the clothes shouldn’t embarrass your movements. Use comfortable but safe shoes for driving.

Take your time

Hurry is the enemy of comfortable road travel. Do not turn your vacation into a race. You want to return home, don’t you? Allocate the route and time so that you have enough hours or even days to spare. Enjoy the ride: set up breaks, pay attention to nature and sightseeing, stay in interesting places to relax, stretch, and take memorable photos. General advice: Enjoy the process. Do not make the driving a boring part on the way to something exciting. Think of the trip as an opportunity to have fun here and now.

And remember: always follow the traffic rules and respect other drivers on the road. Observe safety measures and only go on a trip in a good mood. A car journey is different from a train or plane – feel it!

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