Forgotten Celebrities with Ukrainian Roots, Read the Article to Find Out and Remember Them


Ukraine has been home to many great people in the world. Today we have made a selection of outstanding people who are popular not only in Ukraine but also in many countries – Ukrainians have someone to be proud of.

Top-12 Hollywood Celebrities of Ukrainian Origin

We have gathered interesting information about famous people with Ukrainian roots. Are you interested in it? Well, read the following list!

Vladimir Horowitz

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Vladimir is from Kiev, at the age of 5 he sat down at the piano. At 21, he performed 155 pieces, which was phenomenal for his age. Further – in the repertoire of 12 concert programs, we add, professionals at that time had a maximum of 4. Vladimir first moved to Berlin, then to America. Most Ukrainians do not even know about the musical genius. It is he who is the owner of 25 Grammy awards. The records with his recordings became real bestsellers, tickets for concerts were sold out instantly.

Andy Warhol

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Andrei Vargola became a legend during his lifetime, making real art out of advertising. He is the creator of pop art. A genius was born in the Lemk family already in the USA. He did everything: he created ads, made films, published magazines and even had his own TV channel. The Coca-Cola series and soup in a tin can become iconic works. This was followed by “8 Elvis”, “Monroe” and others.

Steve Wozniak

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One of the founders of the well-known Apple company is Steve Wozniak, whose father is Bukovinian. The grandiose company began with a school friendship with Stephen Jobs: two loyal friends began the era of personal computers.

Evgeny Gudz, musician

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The vocalist of the group Gogol Bardello was born in Boyarka near Kyiv, then lived in Obolon. After moving to the United States, he created a team with which he successfully tours the world. The film debut of the musician was the film “And everything was lit up”. There Gudz played a guy from a Ukrainian town, sharing the set with Elijah Wood. Then Eugene appeared in a couple of films, including “Dirt and Wisdom”, where Madonna herself was the director and partner of the artist on the site.

Max Levchin

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In Silicon Valley in the United States, which is famous for the concentration of high-tech companies, ours also distinguished themselves. At the age of 27, a resident of Kiev, Max Levchin, created the PayPal payment system, which is now used by the whole world. The guy left Ukraine at the age of 16 and became one of the famous Ukrainian Americans. Today he is one of the most successful and wealthy programmers in the valley.

Mila Kunis, actress

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Mila Kunis was born in Chernivtsi and grew up there until 1991. Then her family moved to the United States in search of a better future. Mila’s mom worked in Ukraine as a physics teacher, and now she runs a pharmacy. Dad worked as a mechanical engineer at the Legmash plant, and in Los Angeles, he earned his living as a taxi driver. Kunis recalls the time of the move with horror: “I cried every day, did not understand people, culture, my English was far from perfect.” Now the celebrity shines in Hollywood films and has worked with such famous directors as Darren Aronofsky and Sean Levy.

Steven Spielberg, director

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Director Steven Spielberg, famous for the films in which he starred, does not hide that both of his grandfathers were from Ukraine: on the maternal side – from Odessa, on the paternal side – from a small village.

“Your culture is dear to me,” Steven Spielberg said in an interview when he first visited Ukraine. They discussed it as celebrities with Ukrainian roots. According to Spielberg, at his grandparents’ house, they spoke Russian and Yiddish, but they cooked borsch, which is still the director’s favorite dish.

David Duchovny, actor

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The X-Files star David Duchovny, unlike Steven Spielberg, is poorly versed in geography, so all his life he thought that his grandfather was from Russia. But in 2014, the Hollywood actor suddenly announced that his ancestor had come to the United States from Kyiv.

“I grew up thinking that I was Russian, and then I suddenly learned that I had always been Ukrainian. It’s never too late to change, “wrote then Duchovny on his Twitter.

Sylvester Stallone

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The star of the films “Rocky” and “Rambo” was born in New York, but the American has roots in Odessa. Sylvester’s great-grandmother was from a wealthy Jewish family who owned several weaving factories and tenement houses in the very center of the Ukrainian port city. Already in our time, Sylvester’s mother Jacqueline found out that her parents lived on Staroportofrankovskaya Street. Now she proudly calls herself “Odessa”.

About many celebrities, you didn’t know were Ukrainian.

Robert Maxwell

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One of the most mysterious figures in history. Goh Mechel Gershovich, better known as Robert Maxwell, was born in the Transcarpathian region in the village of Solotvino. He will change his name several times until he becomes Maxwell, a billionaire who owned almost all of the UK media business. Maxwell knew over 10 languages. It was rumored that he worked for various secret special services and intelligence.

In 1978 he came to Ukraine. I saw my hometown, which has not changed at all in 40 years. To revive him, he offered the mayor $ 60 million, but he refused.

Olga Kurylenko, actress

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Bond’s girlfriend Olga Kurylenko was born in Berdyansk. Her mother is of Russian-Belarusian origin, her father is Ukrainian. Kurylenko has made a successful career in the United States and Europe thanks to the films Quantum of Solace, The Hitman, Max Payne and The Land of Oblivion. The actress regularly visits her native Berdyansk, where her mother lives, and admits that her favorite dishes are still stuffed peppers, dumplings, cheese cakes, as well as Olivier salad.

Recently, Ukrainian celebrities in America have been living and working without remembering their homeland.

David Copperfield, illusionist

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The wizard David Copperfield has maternal grandparents from Odessa. Then the family moved first to Jerusalem and then to the United States.

Each state has people who have left a deep and significant mark in its history. These are the ones that not only contemporaries can be proud of, but also descendants hundreds and even thousands of years later. These are the ones without which it is difficult to imagine the development of science, culture, and all other spheres of life in the country. These are great and famous people, worthy children of their Motherland.

Ukraine, like any other state, can boast of a huge list of those who have painstakingly worked all their lives for the benefit of their native land, in the name of the development of Ukrainian society.

Now you know a few famous people from Ukraine, but there are many more!

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