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This article will talk about traditional Austrian foods. Everything from their famous schnitzel to the Austrian gnocchi, we believe that the best way to get to know a country is exactly by that, their food!

Austria has always been known for its majestic landscapes, cathedrals, and endless alpine ski resorts. If you are lucky enough to spend a few days in Austria, you will also have the opportunity to discover the local flavors. Due to the weather conditions, it is customary to have hearty meals accompanied by local rum, all digested with the best Austrian pastries. Prepare your stomachs for this real culinary journey into the heart of the traditional Austrian brewery. In this article, we will introduce you to the most renowned Austrian meals, to help you choose the right dish during your stay in brewery country.

It is interesting to note how the traditional dishes reflect the culture. Indeed, we discover in the Austrian food several influences that retrace the history of the country. For example, coffee cultivation, which is very prevalent in Austria, stems from the historic invasion of the Turkish army in this European country. To continue on the historical aspects, we also note that the Wiener Schnitzel, one of the typical Austrian food, originates from Italy, the same for the goulash which would have come from Hungary or the Würstel of German origin. Although each of the Austrian regions has its own variations and adaptations of national dishes, in this article we will focus on the way you can taste this popular Austrian food in Vienna.

The breaded veal cutlet: The Wiener Schnitzel

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Wiener Schnitzel is certainly Austria’s most famous dish and one of the Austrian food to try during your stay. Its composition is relatively simple with a slice of meat dipped in breadcrumbs and fried. These traditional Austrian foods are usually made with veal and served with potatoes in the form of mash, frit, or potato salad. Another specialty of the Austrian dish is to add a redcurrant purée to enhance the flavors with a sweet-salty contrast. It is often compared to the Italian dish of Milanese chop.

Austrian gniocchi: Spätzle and Nockerln

These famous Austrian food dishes can be easily explained by being compared to Italian gnocchi. This is because Spätzle is a type of pasta that includes eggs, milk, and flour made at home. They can be enjoyed either by being cooked in water and then added with a sauce of cream and local cheese such as Gruyere. But they also happen to find them sautéing in a pan and then garnished with onions, chives, and crispy slices of bacon. Enough to start your day in a hearty way before embarking on discovering the authentic streets of Vienna. By the way, the term Spätzle means bird’s nest due to its appearance.

Like spätzle, nockerln are Austrian traditional foods that are similar to pasta. This dish can be made according to different compositions and can be eaten both sweet and savory. There are semolina, eggs, and cottage cheese. But the essentials to discover are the nockerlns puffed then sprinkled with white sugars. It is one of Austria’s best-known pastries for a light and tasty taste.

Roast Pork: The Schweinsbraten

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These famous Austrian food dishes are nothing compared to Schweinsbraten. Indeed, this roast pork with a crisp crust is one of Austria’s specialties. It is eaten every Sunday as well as during the holidays. This is an easily accessible dish in breweries that you can enjoy. This roast pork is typically cooked with garlic, pepper, and cumin and then served with a beer sauce. That’s why this dish is eaten at local wine and beer festivals. The dish is served with either sauerkraut or Knödel, Austrian potato dumpling, or bread.

In this article, we have made you discover famous Austrian food dishes. There is nothing better to discover a country than to go through the local taste flavors. All you have to do is manage to pronounce these dishes correctly so that you can enjoy them during your stay.

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