Culture of Slovakia: Most Interesting Facts about the Center of Europe

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Slovakia is a small state in the center of the European continent, often referred to as the “miracle of Europe”. The number of all interesting facts about Slovakia simply cannot be counted, but there is something for which it is worth visiting this country. We tried to collect the most interesting facts about Slovakia in one article.

14 Interesting Facts about Slovakia:

facts about slovakia

Capital on the Border

The capital of Slovakia is unique for its geographic location. It is the only city in the world whose administrative borders partially coincide with the state border: on the one hand, the quarters of Bratislava are adjacent to Austria, on the other hand, Hungary is backing the official city line.

Excellent Gene Pool

One more fun fact about Slovakia: Slovakia has an excellent gene pool. World-famous people whose parents or grandparents were Slovaks include Angelina Jolie, Paul Newman, Audrey Hepburn, Andy Warhol, Ivan Reitman, Jon Bon Jovi, etc.

Astronomical Clock in Stara Bystrica

It is believed that the astronomical clock in Stara Bystrica is the most accurate astronomical clock in the world. And of course, it is the largest wooden statue in Slovakia. The uniqueness of this watch lies in its special setting according to its location. It is a computer astronomical clock controlled by a satellite.

Without Million-plus Cities

Another interesting fact about Slovakia: in this European country there are no megacities in the modern sense of the word, there are no million-plus cities. It is a densely populated country, on its territory, there are about 140 cities, but the number of inhabitants in none of them exceeds even half a million people.


slovakia history facts

This small European state ranks third in the world in terms of the number of castles of the 13th-17th centuries that have survived to this day.

One of the darkest and most mysterious is the Chakhtitsa castle, where the “bloody Countess Bathory” once lived, known as the most brutal serial killer who committed hundreds of crimes.

Without Santa Claus

Another fun fact about Slovakia – is a country without Santa Claus

Who are the children waiting for on New Year’s Eve? That’s right, Santa Claus. But in Slovakia, it is completely different. Instead of him, evil Christmas devils – Krampuses walk the streets of cities and villages, and the onset of the New Year is accompanied by a carnival of devils.

The World of Lighters

Lingo pub is an amazing place, the walls of the pub are decorated with the largest collection of lighters in the country – about 4 thousand exhibits! At first, there were only 400 lighters, but a little more, and the owner of Lingo will get into the Guinness Book of Records. And he has already got into our article “Slovakia fun facts”.

A Living Symbol of Slovakia

Information about Slovakia says that in the Middle Ages, a unique breed of dog, the Chuvach, was bred on the territory of present-day Slovakia. They took her out to help shepherds and used her to graze livestock in the mountainous regions of the country. Today Chuvach is a family friend that is especially attached to children.

Women’s Hockey

The world record for the number of goals scored was set by the Slovakian women’s team. This happened in 2008 in Latvia, when Slovakian hockey players, in the selection for the Olympic tournament, were able to defeat the Bulgarian national team with a score of 82: 0. Every 40 seconds the puck flew into the gates of Bulgaria.

Asteroid 1807

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In honor of Slovakia, a celestial body is named – asteroid 1807. Slovakia is an asteroid of the main belt, which belongs to the light spectral class S and is characterized by a very slow rotation around its axis – the asteroid makes one revolution in almost 13 days.


One of the most popular sports in Slovakia is hockey. They have a very powerful hockey school. Gold medal at the World Championship in Gothenburg, Sweden in 2002, many Slovak players playing for the best hockey teams in the world – all this proves that Slovakia is a country of true professionals.

The Oldest Brewery

Another interesting fact about Slovakia: The oldest Slovak brewery – is a brewery in Vigne, founded in the 15th century. It produces solid, good Steiger beer and less popular varieties Hell, Kachelmann, Sitnyan. This is one of the most popular Slovakia history facts.


Bryndza is a traditional Slovak dish made from sheep’s cheese. Within the entire European Union, it is produced only in Slovakia and is distributed under the Slovenská bryndza brand. It is made from unpasteurized sheep’s milk from central, northern, and western Slovakia. This is another fact about Slovakian culture.

Gossip about Police

It is rumored that in some situations on the road you can “negotiate” with a police officer without receiving a fine. But this can only be possible if you are a Slovak or Czech, this number will not work with foreigners. But this still means that you cannot break traffic rules, even if you are Czech or Slovak.

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