Explanations of the American Delta Air Lines about the cancellation of 100 flights

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One of the attempts to organize air transportation of passengers by Delta Air Lines was unsuccessful. The American airline could not cope with the influx of people and was forced to cancel about 100 flights on the 4th of April.

What explanations came from the management?

It is no secret that during the pandemic, airlines were actively reducing their staff. Thousands of employees were laid off – pilots, flight attendants, ground personnel. Delta Air Lines has asked many flight attendants to take unpaid vacations. The airline lost more than $ 12 billion during the pandemic. However, in recent days they have managed to achieve the highest performance compared to last year. This is about 1 million passengers. The increase in passenger capacity was achieved only due to specially worked outsteps.

How did they do it? Delta Air Lines announced the opening of medium-sized passenger accommodations but only on Sunday and Monday. Let us remind you that earlier tickets for these seats were closed due to security measures. And that such a cancellation should have taken place only at the beginning of May when most of the passengers would have been vaccinated. All company personnel has been vaccinated but most have side effects. This is the official reason for canceling 1000 flights. Along with the cancellation statement, management apologized to their customers for the inconvenience and assured everyone that many passengers were able to rebook travel for the same day. The airline promised to return pilots and other personnel to active work soon.

The pandemic caused big losses on airlines and continues to do so, but we hope that together we have every chance to cope with the difficulties now and in the future. Don’t forget about safety measures during your travels!

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