Cruise Price Comparison: Choosing the Best Option for a Vacation

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The romance of sea travel has always attracted people to them. The whisper of waves and the smell of the salty wind, a kaleidoscope of distant countries overboard, and the comfort of a ship. On a cruise, your vacation is completely planned and at the same time free. The calmness and regularity of the lapping of the waves coexist with the noisy fun of discos and the luxurious nightlife on the board. Theaters, lounges and casinos, lively Broadway shows, and state-of-the-art cinemas are ideal for leisure activities. Today we want to tell you all about this fun way to travel, how much is a cruise trip and how much money you should take for additional expenses.

Cruise Ticket Prices

Undoubtedly, the first factor that you pay attention to when choosing a tour is the price of the cruise fare. But let’s first figure out what is included in a cruise price?

The fare is what the cruise line charges you for the trip on the ship. Most often, typical cruise prices also include a cabin, meals, some entertainment, and access to lounges, pools, and more. The cost is influenced by the type of cabin you want to live in, the length of the trip, and even the ship and cruise line you sail.

But keep in mind that the conditions for all cruise companies are different: a luxury cruise includes alcohol, tips, internet, and sometimes even excursions in the price. The standard class takes extra money for all this. Very often it turns out that a premium cruise is more profitable than a standard cruise if we compare the price of the cruise and the services included in its price.

What is never included in the price: visas, air tickets, medical insurance, and travel cancellation insurance.

Average Cruise Cost

It is rather difficult to get a definite answer to this question and depends on what kind of cruise you are considering. You can find a super-budget cruise for $470-$600 per person. It would be short, just for about 3-4 days, and onboard you may have to pay for everything from water to entertainment.

In contrast, you can watch a trip for $950-$1400 per person, while a week-long cruise awaits you on a good liner with a variety of food and great entertainment.

And you can also consider a cruise for $2300-$3500 per person, and this would already be a premium class with alcohol included.

When Is the Cheapest Time to Go on a Cruise?

When Is the Cheapest Time to Go on a Cruise?

Cruise tourism also has high and low seasons as well as off-seasons. The high season falls on the months with the best weather and vacation periods. During the high season, prices become higher, and the number of tourists cannot even be counted. The low season is characterized by not having the most comfortable weather, but there are much fewer people and prices are much lower. The off-season is a cross between them. Only the fact of good weather in the off-season can be overshadowed by the proximity of any holidays or the beginning/end of studies when there is no question of any cruises.

For a successful cruise, it is important to learn more information about the host country. It makes no sense to travel to some places during the high season: crazy prices and hustle and bustle are unlikely to be pleasant bonuses to your vacation. You should not believe the too cheap offers of travel agencies: for example, the low season in Alaska. Although it would cost you mere pennies, you may not get the pleasure of your vacation. Rain, hellish cold, and restaurants closed until spring – where is the feeling of celebration here?

In most cases, the cheapest month to go on a cruise is from August to November. This is due to hurricane season, so if you are planning to travel during this period, we recommend that you consider purchasing cruise insurance. But in the first half of December and early spring, you can also get profitable tickets to some places.

When choosing a cruise, take into account your work schedule. Do not adjust to travel agencies and choose cruises that suit you in terms of price, quality, and fit into your free time from work. You can have a great rest in March as well as in August or December. The main thing is to know where to go.

How to Get Free Cruise Tickets?

Fortunately, there are quite a few tricks that you can use to save good money on ticket prices. But there are special ways that can help you embark on this incredible journey for free. And now we are going to tell you about them.

  • Perhaps the easiest way is to work as a member of the crew of a cruise or to know such a person. Thus, you can easily go on such a journey. But this method would not work for everyone, so let’s see some more.
  • Another way to get a free cruise is to participate in lotteries. Some cruise lines sometimes give away free cruises to draw more attention to significant events or to promote new ships. All you need to do is fill out a simple form or take a survey as well as leave contacts for communication. Lotteries like this can also be run by various radio stations during vacation periods, or even by your employer to incentivize employees.
  • Did you know that different credit card companies allow customers to accumulate points that can later be used for a free cruise. Of course, the required number of points depends on the card.
  • If you are a sufficiently organized and responsible person, then you can coordinate groups and also get a free cruise. The point is that many cruise lines offer free travel based on the number of cabins or passengers sold in a group package. To get such a free ride, you need to reach a certain threshold. But for this, you would need to be responsible for coordinating the group to organize meetings or submit documents.
  • If you have a unique experience that you can and want to share with others, then you can also become a lecturer on board and go on a cruise for free. Some companies specifically hire such speakers to make travel more fun for passengers. For example, you can give a master class or make an interesting presentation and secure yourself a free trip. Whatever you do, any hobby or career success can turn into an interesting lecture on a cruise.

How Much Money Do I Need for a Cruise?

If you are looking for a good rest and some entertainment on board, then be prepared to spend a little more than just the cost of your cruise ticket. As we said earlier, inexpensive cruise lines, many entertainments, and even alcohol are included on an inclusive basis, but prices for such cruises most often start at $ 1000 per person. If you want to spend less but not lose some entertainment, then let’s figure out what additional services you might be interested in.

Airborne costs are pretty broad-minded. Here you can be offered a variety of gambling, luxury alcohol in the bars on the ship, specialty restaurants, various shore excursions, and of course souvenir shops. Here, decide for yourself what you want to spend your money on. If you are economical enough and do not see the need for such events, then you can take with you a minimum of money for a couple of souvenirs and a tip to the staff. But if it seems to you that the entertainment included in the ticket price is not enough for you to have a good rest and have fun, then expect to spend another 25 to 40% of the cruise cost on in-flight entertainment. Don’t forget about additional costs for airline and airport transportation.

Cruise Prices 2021

So that you have a rough idea of future expenses, let’s conduct a cruise price comparison on popular destinations and cruise lines.

Cruise around the World

Everything here is also not unambiguous, since it depends on how many nights you want to spend onboard and what type of cabin you prefer. One of the cheapest world cruises is for 99 nights in the inner cabin aboard P&O Cruises’ Aurora that would cost you about $13,000 per person. If you’re looking for a more luxurious experience, you can spend 166 nights in a penthouse suite aboard the Crystal Serenity for $224,959. In general, we can say that the average cost of a world cruise with good conditions is about $32,000 per person but do not forget about the discounts that cruise lines often offer. For example, you can buy a world cruise at the last minute, but you need to be always ready to be on time for the trip.

Alaska Cruise

Alaska Cruise

Such a trip can cost from $500 per person for 4 days in an inner cabin with Princess Cruises and about $75,000 for two weeks spent in a suite on an expedition on Crystal Cruises. The average cost of a good Alaska cruise starts at $1,500 per person.

Disney Cruise

Disney Cruise

A Disney cruise can start from $1,332 per person for a 3-day cruise in the Bahamas with an inner cabin to $47,521 per person for an 11-day cruise in Norway in a suite. The average cost of a Disney cruise is about $2,950 per person.

Cruise to Europe from the USA

Cruises range from seven-day one-way trips to 27-day round trips, and average prices range from $800 to $2,500 per person, depending on itinerary and time of year.

Carnival Cruise Prices

Carnival Cruise Prices

Carnival cruises start at $150 for a three-day cruise in the Bahamas in an inner cabin to $ 4,019 for a two-week cruise in a suite. The average cost of a Carnival cruise is $ 963. This is a fairly low price, considering that the carnival cruise price includes a large selection of drinks including coffee and juices, a fitness center and water slides, halls with live music, and spectacular performances with comedians.

Carnival Cruise Kids Prices

Cruise fares are per person, including children and babies. Please note that on any itinerary that lasts more than 2 days at sea in a row, the infant must be at least 12 months old at the time of embarkation.

The Royal Caribbean Cruise Prices

The Royal Caribbean Cruise Prices

Royal Caribbean ticket prices can range from $150 to $250 per person or more. Expect to spend around $50 per person per night for an interior room and about $200 per person per night for a cabin with a balcony.

Harmony of the Seas

Harmony of the Seas

Average ticket prices per person start at $150 per person per day. So expect a weekly trip to cost you roughly $1,130 per person in the cabin inside, and around $3,400 per person in the suite.

What Does 2 for 1 Cruise Fare Mean?

This means that two people can have a cruise for the price of one. But when you see such an offer, do NOT rush to buy it in the hope of saving money. Often, through simple calculations, you can find that the cost of such a “2 in 1” ticket is equal to the cost of two tickets.

The cruise ship is a kind of floating hotel. Comfortable cabins are always superior in quality to hotels of a similar class. Cleanliness and “sea order” create coziness and service inherent only to cruises. Many restaurants with excellent and varied cuisine meet the requirements of the most sophisticated gourmets. Bars and cocktail lounges throughout the ship delight with an abundance of drinks and wines. Pools and sun decks, gyms with state-of-the-art fitness equipment, saunas and jacuzzi keep you toned. Enchanting show programs, musicals, and live music create an atmosphere of fun and goodwill during sea voyages. If this is what you have been missing for a long time, feel free to go on a cruise trip! Bright emotions are guaranteed!

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