Majestic Croatia Waterfalls: A True Paradise on Earth

The Most Famous Waterfalls in Croatia

Croatia waterfalls are the real pride of this country! Endowed with the purest azure waters of the Mediterranean Sea, fabulous green forests, majestic mountains, and gigantic waterfalls, Croatia seems like a true wonderland to travelers. The mesmerizing sounds and views of its waterfalls never cease to fascinate tourists who come for this beauty from all over the world. If you are planning to visit Croatia, be sure to include its unique waterfalls in your itinerary. And which ones are worth your attention, find out below.

The Most Famous Waterfalls in Croatia

Veliki Slap (Plitvice Lakes National Park)

Veliki Slap

You have not been to Croatia if you have not visited Plitvice Lakes! It is the first and largest national park in the country. It covers an area of ​​almost 73,000 acres and is included in the list of the most beautiful places not only in Croatia but also in Europe. The untouched, majestic nature of the park is truly admired by thousands of tourists. According to many tourists, this park is a real paradise with a unique fabulous atmosphere. In 1979, it was included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. It is an insanely beautiful place to visit overall, boasting over 16 lakes, 90 waterfalls, and an endless array of caves and woodland landscapes. Among this fabulous area, you can find Croatia’s tallest waterfall: Veliki Slap, also known as the Great Waterfall. Its height is 250 feet and it is located at the bottom of the park. All routes of the park pass through it, there is an observation deck nearby. In the morning it is especially beautiful, as it is illuminated by the sun. By the way, this waterfall is always included in the lists of the most beautiful waterfalls in the world.

The cost of a one-day ticket depends on the season: for an adult in high season 300 HRK, in spring and autumn 180 HRK, in winter 80 HRK for children under 18 years of age 120 HRK, 50 HRK, 35 HRK, respectively. And for children under 7 years old, admission is free.

Tip: During the summer months, especially in July and August, there are a lot of tourists in the Plitvice Lakes National Park. To avoid crowds, it is better to choose quieter months to visit the reserve – September, October, May, or June. Or arrive early in the morning, but in this case, you should prefer accommodation near the lakes, in small private hotels or apartments. It is best to book your accommodations in advance, especially if you are traveling during the summer months.

Sastavtsi Waterfall (Plitvice Lakes National Park)

Sastavtsi Waterfall

Another impressive waterfall of Plitvice Lakes is located under the Great Waterfall on the edge of Novakovića Lake, along the Korana River. Even though there are significantly fewer people here than Veliki Slap, it is no less charming. Tourists love this place for its peaceful atmosphere, nice nearby hiking trails, and clear blue waters. An impressive stream of water descends from 85 feet, and in the background, you can make out the nearby Great Falls. We especially recommend that you visit this place in the morning when the gorge below is shrouded in fabulous fog.

Mali Buk (Plitvice Lakes National Park)

Mali Buk

Although some Croatia waterfalls are famous for their size, the attraction of some of them lies in their remoteness and serenity. Located at the top of the Park, Mali Buk Waterfall is half an hour from the ferry pier, which makes it not as popular as Veliki Slap. But for those looking to burn a couple of calories and hide from the pesky tourist crowds, this waterfall is a great option. Surrounded by unimaginably blue Croatian lakes, the water is so clear that you can see all the types of fish swimming along the bottom.

To see as many waterfalls and other attractions as possible and not miss anything, we recommend taking the Plitvice national park tour. For example, if you are traveling from Dubrovnik, then you have a fairly large selection at a variety of prices.

Skradinski Buk (Krka National Park)

Skradinski Buk

This waterfall is located in the Krka National Park and belongs to the UNESCO World Heritage Sites. It is the highest and most beautiful waterfall on the Krka River and one of the most famous attractions in Croatia. Buk means cascade in Croatian, and it is aptly named with its series of 17 steps throughout 2600 ft. The best time to visit this Skradinski Buk is during the summer, as in addition to enjoying the beautiful scenic views of falling lakes, you can also swim in the refreshing reservoirs.

Roski Slap (Krka National Park)

Roski Slap

This majestic Croatian waterfall, like Skradinski Buk, is also located in the Krka National Park. Above the waterfall, there are picturesque natural surroundings and a cave, which is ideal for walking during the heat. There are also many watermills near Roski Slap, which today serve as shops where you can buy unusual gifts or souvenirs. Although Roski Slap is only a short boat ride from the Skradinski Buk waterfall, tourists most often choose the second one as it is closer to the entrance to the park. But if you have enough time and a lot of energy, then we sincerely advise you to visit both! 

By the way, you can easily get to these waterfalls from the city of Dubrovnik by taking a tour or by yourself by car. By car, the journey may take about three and a half hours, and by the sightseeing bus, of course, a little more.

Rastoke Waterfalls

Rastoke Waterfalls

On the way to the Adriatic coast, you would most likely pass through Rastoke. This is a small but beautiful and fabulous place located about 74 miles from the city of Split, where the Korana and Slunčica rivers meet, forming dozens of small waterfalls, lakes, and rapids. Here you can see charming Croatian waterfalls feeding the old water mills in the vicinity! Although the village is relatively small, there are plenty of accommodation and dining options available. If you want the best view from your room, don’t forget to rent accommodation overlooking the Rastoke waterfalls!

Mreznica Waterfall

Mreznica Waterfall

If you are unable to find available accommodation with a view of the stunning Rastoke Falls, you can book the one at the magnificent Mreznica waterfalls! The Mreznica River is one of the most unusual natural watercourses in Croatia, which forms almost 100 different waterfalls. There are many interesting canyons and old mills near them, which you can easily reach. Although these waterfalls are not as high as the waterfalls of the Plitvice Lakes or Krka National Park, they are so beautiful that they are worth a visit.

Waterfalls of the Zrmanja River

Waterfalls of the Zrmanja River

Besides Visoki Buk, the highest waterfall on the Zrmanja River, the river forms other smaller waterfalls that you can find near the town of Sibenik. We especially recommend this place to fans of extreme sports, because it is one of the best rafting spots in Croatia. And if you are not interested in such entertainments, then go to the other side of the river where you can enjoy quiet surrounded by picturesque nature.

Strbacki Buk (Una National Park)

Strbacki Buk

Although not quite in Croatia, you can find these enchanting waterfalls on the border of Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina and are definitely worth your attention if you love giant waterfalls. This collection of impressive cascades on the Una River is the main natural attraction of this National Park. What’s more, it is the most photogenic spot in the Una National Park, so don’t miss out on the opportunity to grab some exciting photos for your Instagram.

Croatian waterfalls are a natural wonder. And visiting any of them is the perfect way to escape from the bustle of the city and enjoy the unity with nature. All of these destinations are well-connected by bus with the largest Croatian cities, so you can get to them quite easily. Note that there is a small fee to enter most parks, so make sure you have some cash. But don’t hesitate, as the price for a visit would seem like nothing when you see these beautiful giants with your own eyes!

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