How Do I Carry Liquids Into My Baggage? Here Are Some Rules To Help You With This

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Can You Pack Liquids in Your Checked Baggage?

Many people, before starting to collect checked baggage, ask themselves the question “can I transport shampoo or a bottle of wine?” The answer is yes, liquids are allowed in checked luggage, but first, you need to know checked baggage liquid rules as well as checked baggage liquid restrictions so as not to get into an unpleasant situation.

For example, you should review the list of liquids allowed for checked baggage and take precautions.

The TSA (Transportation Security Administration) has a specific list of liquids that are prohibited from transport. You can check the list on their website. This will greatly help you understand the rules for transporting liquids in checked baggage. After reading, do not even think about taking those liquids that are on the prohibited list, this will entail a lot of problems and loss of time. Despite the existence of certain rules, many people still do not follow them, but the result is always the same. People either lose their belongings, that is, the security service forces them to get rid of the liquids they are transporting. Or a person may completely lose the opportunity to board the plane, after which he will observe all the rules and board another flight.

how much liquid can you put in checked luggage

After reading the list of prohibited liquids, you need to understand if you can bring the liquids intact. They will not spill and will not spoil your other things. Therefore, we strongly recommend that you also familiarize yourself with the rules for the amount, how much liquid you can put in checked luggage.

A final rule of thumb is whether you can pack liquids in checked luggage and how to pack toiletries in checked luggage.

Toiletries are allowed in checked baggage, however, all liquids must be packed carefully. To protect your other belongings from damage, you must wrap each liquid with duct tape, this way you prevent any leakage. But that’s not all, after you have wrapped all the liquids with electrical tape, you must also put them in the ziplock, and then squeeze out all the air, so you will remove excess space. Finally, wrap the wrapped liquid in a towel, or wrap your belongings. Also, don’t forget to put liquids in the center of your suitcase. Do not put them next to the luggage wall under any circumstances, any damage will entail big trouble. After all the rules regarding flying with liquids checked luggage, you will not be afraid of the leak and your belongings will remain safe.

After the rules, let’s move on to checking. If you know which and how much liquid can you take on a plane in checked baggage, then the check is not scary for you. However, when packing liquids, you must assume that your baggage will also be checked by security. After all, airline regulations for liquids in checked baggage must be taken into account. The security service cannot believe you a word, so the check will definitely happen.

Also concerning medications, try not to put in prescription-only medications. After all, rules for liquids in checked bags can prevent you from passing your medications. If you can feel bad without these medicines, then take with you all the documents that relate to your health. Also, be sure to take the recipes, perhaps so you will be allowed to transport these liquids.

Regarding alcohol, alcohol is also allowed in checked baggage, but there are rules. For example, if you are transporting strong alcohol, that is, from 24 to 70 percent, then you are not allowed to transport more than 5 liters of alcohol. If alcohol has a strength of more than 70%, then in no case try to transport it. This alcohol is prohibited. But this applies to those traveling in the United States. Alcohol transport regulations vary from country to country.

When it comes to food, if you are carrying liquid puree, tube yogurts, or other similar products, then they must fit in your bag by only 1 quart, otherwise, the checked baggage rules may prevent you from passing the check. This will entail minor problems and loss of time. Of course, a small layer of hummus between slices of bread will not prevent you from carrying your luggage. But if there are such items in the luggage and they take more than 1 quart, then it is better to get rid of these items before passing the check.

Conclusion: If you follow all the rules described above, then you can easily carry liquids in checked baggage. But if at least one rule is not followed, then this can cause you problems. At the moment, security personnel have the ability to force you to throw your liquids into the trash can or simply dispose of them. Therefore, if you do not want to lose your belongings, then please be careful and take into account the rules for the carriage of checked baggage on airplanes. Thus, you will not only get rid of problems while checking your baggage but also will not waste time.

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