Checked Baggage Liquid Restrictions: Short Explanation of Necessary Rules

checked baggage liquids

If you ever planned a trip on a plane, you wonder about what you can bring on a fly and how many. But finding information on official resources seems like a challenging task. Checked baggage liquid rules on the transportation security administration website don’t make any sense because of their inconsistency. We collected all the needed facts and ready to explain them to you!

How Much Liquid Can You Take on a Plane in Checked Baggage?

It is very easy to find information about specific liquids on the transportation security administration website, but it can be difficult to identify basic rules.

There are kinda different terms for carry-on and checked luggage liquids. Big amounts of liquid should be carried in checked bags and small size travels bottles can be held in hand luggage.

Actually, the TSA doesn’t set limits for liquids in checked bags. But they have some restrictions on carry-on bags called the 3-1-1 rule.

Simply, this rule defines the amounts of liquids, gels, and aerosols that can you bring on a plane. The name of a rule contains its meaning and may help you to learn it:

  • 3.4 ounces;
  • 1-quart case;
  • 1 case per passenger.

Any liquids, gels, and aerosols that you want to put in a carry-on bag must be in bottles no larger than 3.4 ounces (100 milliliters). All bottles must fit into a 1-quart clear, reclosable case, and each passenger is restricted to one case.

To understand what on your packing list is a liquid, gel or aerosol, think about the texture of that item. Everything spreadable, “smearable,” “sprayable” or “squirtable” goes under the 3-1-1 rule. Yogurt, toothpaste, face cream, mayonnaise, dry shampoo: all of that must be limited.

Be aware that different forms of the same thing can be classified in different ways. For example, regular lipstick isn’t categorized as a liquid. But lipgloss is subject to the liquid limit. Similarly, roll-on deodorants are considered a liquid, but stick deodorant does not.

Deny Rules for Liquids in Checked Bags

rules for liquids in checked bags

So, you can take on the fly as many liquids as you need. But what liquids are allowed in checked luggage? Here are extra restrictions about specific fluids.

You can bring on a plane alcoholic drinks in unlimited amounts, in case that these beverages are less than 24% ABV (Alcohol By Volume is the standard measurement for alcohol contained in drinks). Alcoholic drinks that have ABV higher than 24% but less than 70% ABV are limited to 5 liters maximum. Beverages stronger than 70% ABV are prohibited from transportation by TSA.

There are other hazardous liquids that are banned by airline regulations for liquids in checked baggage. Any fuel isn’t allowed to take on the fly. You can carry self-defense sprays if they are less than 2 percent by mass of tear gas and have a mechanism to prevent them from being sprayed accidentally. And even in that case, they should be packed only in luggage. Passengers prohibited from packing spray paint and any flammable gel, liquid, or aerosol paint.

On forums, many people are asking about whether toiletries allowed in checked baggage or not. We answer this question.

Despite most of the toiletries we use are aerosols, they are still getting under the TSA checked baggage liquid restrictions. That’s happening because aerosols are actually pressurized liquids inside the bottle. So when you take aerosols on a fly, you are literally carrying liquids. Medicinal or toiletry spays should be transported in cans less than 18 oz (500 ml). In total, terms allowed 70 oz (2 liters) of aerosol per person. Take notice that such quantity goes for one person, so it can’t be extended if you take more bags.

Any other aerosols are forbidden from checked luggage.

How You Can Pack Liquids in Your Checked Baggage

Planning flying with liquids in checked luggage, do a favor for yourself in the future, and properly pack it. Leaking can just ruin your mood at the beginning or, even worse, destroy the necessary stuff you need. Red wine, shampoo, cream cheese, or your favorite perfume can stain your clothes. So, how to pack toiletries in checked luggage? To prevent such thing we have some tips to tell you.

Use duct tape to fix caps on bottles. Don’t forget to take sharp scissors, so you can cut off the tape later. Double-bag the liquid by placing it into a zipper bag and then another larger bag. Press out all the air as hard as you can do. Seal the top and wrap the package in bubble wrap or towel. Some people recommend doing it with dirty clothes, crumpled paper, air pillows, or plastic bags. At this step, you can also use a cardboard box or plastic with hard sides.

Put that bundle in the center of your biggest bag and encircle it with delicate stuff.

There are special containers for carrying fragile items like glass, so you can use them for packing liquids in the bag. Visit wine shops or hardware stores and look for such shippers.

This kind of package has its flaws. Glass bottles still can break inside the specific box, but it won’t let the liquid stain your stuff. Regularly it takes more space, than a handy package.

Another way to prevent liquids from leaking is styrofoam. Sealable padded bags used for box filling for shipping parcels. You can put it in a container with a bottle to block its position.

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