The Rank of The Cheapest European Countries: These Places Will Surprise You with Prices

cheapest european countries to live in

If you have wanted to move to Europe for a long time or you are just thinking of escaping from your routine and spending several months in scenic places. Though at the same time you want to keep within the budget and are considering the cheapest country to live in, then this article is what you need. More often Europe seems to be quite an expensive place to live when it comes to countries such as Switzerland, the Netherlands, or France. But if you want to keep within the budget, then you have to think outside the box and travel to lesser-known (but we assure you, no less charming) countries. Today we will tell you what are the cheapest and safest countries to live in Europe and how much it will cost you.

The Rank of The Cheapest European Countries

cheapest country to live in


Bulgaria, as the cheapest European country for comfortable living, combines enchanting coastlines and incredible mountains in the north of the country. Rich in incredible natural landscapes, this cheapest European country for tourists is attractive at any time of the year. In winter, you can go to a ski resort, and in summer you can spend time on the warm Black Sea coast. Wherever you go, you will be pleasantly surprised by both the quality and the price.

Rental housing in this cheapest country for convenient living is quite cheap. You can easily find a studio for only 250 euros. As well as the rent, the prices for food and utilities will pleasantly surprise you. An interesting fact, Bulgaria is viewed as one of the cheapest European countries for food.


Another cheapest and, which is an important, safe European country to live in. A huge number of medieval monuments, Gothic tombs. And also – wonderful Baltic resorts, cheap and delicious beer. And Warsaw, with its charming prospectuses and convenient cafés, is a visiting card of Poland.

Although Poland is in Central Europe, living here is not that expensive. Inexpensive rentals, affordable internet, and a variety of delicious food – all this will cost you less than 830 euros a month. Moreover, Poland is rightfully considered not only one of the cheapest European countries for comfortable living, but also one of the safest.


cheapest country to live in europe

Romania, as the cheapest country in Europe for living, is rich in delicious food, affordable housing, and impressive natural beauty.

Romania is considered the cheapest European country to live in also for retirement, as the sufficiently low cost of living allows older people to travel abroad, do their favorite hobbies, and just enjoy life.

This country will not disappoint you: mysterious castles and memorials, enchanting views of Transylvania, delightful UNESCO heritage sites, among which is Bran Castle, the most visited tourist point in Romania.

A fairly underestimated country from our list, in which it is quite cheap to live! For example, the budget for a Romanian resident is 600 euros, which is enough to cover absolutely all expenses. But this, of course, depends on the region. Here is Bucharest – the capital, the most expensive city. But other cities are very beautiful and especially cheap.


what is the cheapest country to live in

It is not only one of the safest, but also the cheapest European countries to go to. Of course, if you are considering the capital for living, it will be the most expensive city to live in in the country, but even here there are many ways to save money.

The cheapest country to live in Europe, surrounded by huge ones – this is Slovenia. It’s no secret that most travelers visit Slovenia precisely for the coastline of the Adriatic Sea. Please keep in mind that in the summer housing on the seashore will be much more expensive, but even so, it is quite profitable.


cheapest country in europe to live in

Although Germany at first glance does not seem to be an accessible country, it can be safely called the cheapest countries in western Europe for comfortable living. Millions of visitors from all over the world come to Germany every year. Germany is famous for resorts, historical monuments, and the unforgettable beauty of wide forests and mountains.

If you decide to live in Germany, the average cost of renting a house, utility bills and electricity costs 900 euros. Together with other expenses, living in one of the cheapest western European countries will cost you 2000-2500 euros.

Based on this extensive list, you understand that it is possible to live cheaply in Europe! Be rational in your spending, and you will see that a comfortable life on a small budget is just about Western and Eastern Europe. But not just comfortable, but also filled with pleasure from the beauty of the surrounding places and the richness of history.

People Also Ask

Which Is the Cheapest Country in Europe?

Based on our observations, the cheapest country for comfortable living in Europe is Romania.

Which European Countries Have the Lowest Cost of Living?

A couple of countries boast the lowest cost of living, namely Bulgaria, Poland, Slovakia. But they are not only cheap to live in, but also spectacular in their beauty and average quality of life.

What Is the Cheapest Country in Europe for Living?

Bulgaria is known as the country with the lowest price tag for accommodation. It’s hard to believe that the cost of renting a room starts from 100 euros.

What Is the Cheapest City in Europe for Living?

This is for sure Krakow, in Poland. The average amount spent is 24 euros per day.

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