Camping in Hawaii: Tips and Suggestions for the Best Vacation in Life

places to camp in hawaii

Camping in Hawaii is a way to save a lot because the average price of hotels on the islands begins from $100-150. Hawaii is recognized for its jungle-covered cliffs, clean beaches, magnificent scenery, and some of the greatest surfing in the world. It’s no accident that the archipelago of eight islands draws more than ten million people each year, all lured to the Aloha spirit. We have prepared a detailed camping in Hawaii guide for you so that you know where to go and what to be ready for.

Can You Camp in Hawaii?

From volcanoes to canyons, the Hawaiian islands provide camping spots that you won’t find anyplace else. The truth is, when it comes to spending the night on the beach, you need to get a camping permit. Sleeping in a car is also illegal, whether it’s your car or rental car. Plus, it’s simply not safe.

Camping Price

The price is usually determined by the campsite, among other things. It will be a couple of dollars cheaper if you live in Hawaii. Children under the age of two are admitted at no cost.

It costs only a few dollars per person, which is a bargain when compared to hotel stays that may cost hundreds of dollars. Private campsites are pricier, but they are still less expensive than staying at a hotel.

Camping in Hawaii Safety

Camping may be safe if you know where you’re going and follow the regulations. Many tourists are afraid of the natives, but there is no reason to be concerned. They are pleasant to be around and will not annoy you if you do not bother them. But to be completely safe, pay attention to the following tips regarding camping in Hawaii:

  • Remember to drink plenty of water to stay hydrated.
  • Don’t camp alone.
  • Don’t forget to bring your cell phone to keep in touch.
  • Never drink water from an untreated source (stream or lake).
  • Don’t forget that rain in Hawaii can catch you off guard at unexpected times, so always be prepared.
  • Don’t forget insect spray.
  • Always follow and pay attention to all signs.

Let’s find out where to camp in Hawaii.

Best Places to Camp in Hawaii

camping in hawaii

Koke’e State Park (Kauai)

Looking for tent camping in Hawaii? Be sure to check out this superb location! Koke’e State Park is one of Kauai’s top attractions, with some of the nicest campgrounds in the whole island chain. Camping here allows you to take in panoramic views of the lush, emerald-hued valley. It’s also a great place to see a variety of tropical birds and vegetation. Hike through the natural rainforest around Waimea Canyon’s rim, as well as paths that meander into nearby forest reserves. Hikers will find the park to be an excellent starting point for exploring some of Kauai’s most demanding and gorgeous routes. It only allows tent camping on little built sites, allowing visitors to genuinely interact with nature, however, facilities and outdoor showers are accessible.

Anahola Beach Park (Kauai)

campgrounds in hawaii

It is a local favorite because it offers everything for everyone, including white beaches that are shielded from severe surf by a reef. It’s a terrific place for beginners to learn to dive and snorkel, and because the ocean floor includes a few pockets of sand, youngsters can swim here as well. The beach park also has one of the few overnight campsites on Kauai’s east coast, allowing you to stay and enjoy all the island’s attractions. Cold showers, picnic tables, and restrooms are among the amenities available. The main drawback is that, despite its distant location, it may get rather busy in the summer due to its popularity. However, many people believe it is well worth it to have such great natural beauty at their fingers. This is rightfully one of the best beach camping in Hawaii.

Hanalei Bay (Kauai)

best camping in hawaii

When talking about the best camping places in Hawaii, we couldn’t help but mention the beautiful Hanalei Bay. With its half-moon-shaped bay, spectacular cliffs, golden sands, and waterfalls that plummet to 4,000 feet just a short distance from the beach, it is regarded as having one of the greatest beaches in Hawaii. You’ll have easy access to some of Hawaii’s greatest surfing, as well as snorkeling, diving, kayaking, and canoeing if you stay here. Among the ferocious North Shore waves, this part normally has the calmest surf, and the sandy-bottomed beach slopes gradually, making it safe for novices. Sunsets here are particularly beautiful, with the pier and neighboring mountains providing a stunning background.

Milolii Beach (Kauai)

can you camp in hawaii

An equally beautiful place to camp in Hawaii with an unreal view. Milolii Beach is a hidden treasure tucked on the stunning Na Pali coastline, popular with outdoor explorers, campers, and backpackers. Traveling by boat or kayak is the only way to get there, but that’s part of the enjoyment. You may wish to arrange for a professional boat operator to drop you down and pick you up because the small route across the reef is especially difficult to maneuver when the trade winds are high. You’ll be amazed by the awe-inspiring splendor that surrounds you along the journey. Likewise, you’ll love the picture-perfect sandy dunes and crystal blue seas, as well as the rich flora, breathtaking cliffs, beautiful falls, and more once you arrive. You won’t have to worry about crowds here, of course, because it’s not simple to get to.

Kipahulu Campground (Maui)

tent camping in hawaii

It is rightfully one of the best campgrounds in Hawaii. It is noteworthy not just for its breathtaking environment, but also for the long history of Native Hawaiians who have lived in the area for hundreds of years. The enormous waterfalls, notably the 400-foot Waimoku Falls, and the fierce Pacific Ocean assaulting the rocky shoreline are among the major attractions. In the Kipahulu District, there is just one drive-in campsite. Camping is possible for up to 100 persons at a time at the Kipahulu Campground. Camping with a tent or in a vehicle is permitted. On-site pit toilets are accessible, and water is supplied at the tourist center nearby. Keep in mind that Kipahulu is a long way from everywhere, so pack and prepare appropriately.

Hosmer Grove Campground (Maui)

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Looking for the best camping in Hawaii? Be sure to pay attention to this place. It is located on the other side of the volcano from Kipahulu Campground. Because of its location on the west side of the volcano, this part of the park is more accessible from the rest of Maui. It’s the ideal location for visiting the summit crater and the surrounding region. One of the most popular activities in the national park is watching the sunrise and sunset from the peak of Haleakala. Visitors who are feeling brave can go across bare lava flows and cinder cones in the inactive crater itself. Along the twisting road leading to the crater, Hosmer Grove Campground stands just below 7,000 feet above sea level. Tent camping is provided for groups of up to 50 individuals. There are pit toilets and drinking water. Recognize that you’ll be in the cloud belt, so be prepared for chilly, wet, and windy weather.

Polihale State Park (Kauai)

best places to camp in hawaii

It stands out from the other ones on Kauai, which boasts some of the greatest camping in Hawaii. Polihale, unlike many other easy-to-reach Kauai campsites, is a little more difficult to find. It necessitates a roughly 5-mile trip along an extremely rocky dirt road. After heavy rains, the road becomes more dangerous. It’s almost impossible to go about without a high-clearance, four-wheel-drive car. The drive comes to a halt before a sandy beach with soaring dunes. Enjoy the beach but stay out of the water since the currents are strong and swimming is not advised. The campsite itself is modest in size and well-kept. Camping here is frequently considerably quieter than other campgrounds on Kauai due to the rocky route. Tents and camper vans are both permitted. There are restrooms and outdoor showers.

Kalopa State Recreation Area (Big Island)

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Pitch your tent, slow down, and take in the beauty at this picturesque spot on the Big Island. Not only does the recreation area provide good tent camping, but it also has a native plant arboretum that leads to more dense woodland. A 0.7-mile hiking track through the park is ideal for families with kids. A short drive can take you to the beach, which is ideal for swimming. Kalopa State Recreation Area features many duplex cabins for rent in addition to lots of tent camping options (including some with roofed tent shelters). Each can accommodate up to 8 people in total. There are flush toilets and hot showers in the restrooms, but the only cooking facilities are in the neighboring dining hall. A Hawaii camping trip can be one of the most vivid memories of your life and a wonderful experience. Keep in mind that, while the majority of Hawaii’s island campgrounds are free, you’ll almost certainly need to get a permit. Regulations and fees vary slightly from state to state, but they’re still a bargain compared to the cost of an elite hotel room, or even a modestly priced one. Plus, can you imagine waking up to stunning views of the Pacific Ocean as you zip up your tent in the morning?

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