Looking For The Best Place To Relax? Top Thermal Baths In Budapest Are Collected There

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Budapest is the only resort capital in Europe that stands on hundreds of mineral springs, which is a sin not to use, especially if you want to relax, tidy up your hair and skin or just get a good start – the Széchenyi baths, Kiraly, Rudas are waiting for you!

Grab swimming trunks or a swimsuit, take slippers with a towel from the hotel – and go ahead, bask in the warm water on the street, sunbathe under the November sun, conquer the ocean waves and make new acquaintances in steam rooms with dim lights. We will tell you which famous baths in Budapest to choose, and where it is better not to meddle if you do not want to contemplate naked pensioners during the whole session.

So what are the best baths in Budapest?

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Állatkerti korut, 9-11

How to get there:take the first line of the metro to the Széchenyi fürd station, get out and immediately see a house of joyful yellow color – this is where the famous thermal spa Budapest is located.

Must do: play chess with retirees in the outdoor pool.

The Széchenyi Baths are the largest and most touristy in Budapest. And this is not surprising: there are 18 indoor and outdoor pools and 14 saunas (including infrared, aromatic, Finnish, Russian), jacuzzi, artificial whirlpools. The building from 1913 – the first Renaissance-style spa in Pest – has now been renovated and looks great. Bathwater is extracted at a depth of 1246 meters, and its temperature is 76 degrees: before filling the pools, it even has to be cooled.

Be sure to go to the outdoor pool in the evening – it is especially sweet when it is cold and snowy outside – milk steam rises from the 38-degree water, snowflakes melt on approach, but the stars are still visible.

Try to get to the Szechenyi baths before 18.00 and always through the entrance that looks at the zoo and circus (open until 22.00). The other one (which is right next to the metro) closes together with the thermal complex at 19.00 – which means that they will kick you out even earlier. To save money, come on a weekday, and also take a dressing room with a locker, not a booth – this, by the way, applies to all Budapest geothermal baths.

Nice bonus: English-speaking staff, price list in English and German – which is quite rare in Budapest.


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Fő u., 84

How to get there:walk from Batthyany Ter metro towards Margaret Island, or get off tram 4, 6 at the Margit hit stop and walk along the street towards the castle and then you will find one of the best baths in Budapest.

Must do:sitting in the main hall, watch a ray of light fall into the water through a leaky roof.

You can easily find the Turkish baths Kirai (“royal”) by the specific roofs in the form of fungi, which you have probably already met more than once. In the baths is a completely fabulous chamber atmosphere – which is only the overhanging ceilings and intimate light.

The construction of one of the top thermal baths in Budapest began by the Pasha of Budy Arslan (as you remember, Hungary was under the Turks for some time) in the middle of the 16th century, and far from all thermal springs – the water in the Kirai baths is driven through the aqueduct from the Lukac baths. In 1796, the bathhouse was run by the König family – which is why they are now called royal. During World War II, Kirai was bombed, but the Hungarians carefully rebuilt them brick by brick – in 1950.

Inside you will find four baths with temperatures ranging from 26 to 40 degrees. Here you can relax at thermal pools in Budapest.


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Döbrentei tér, 9

How to get there: by any means to the white Erzsebet bridge, cross – and immediately get into Budapest hot baths or drive up by tram 18 and 19 from Buda.

Must do:Taste the mineral water from the Hungaria, Attila, and Juventus springs and decides which is the least disgusting.

Initially, the Rudas Bath was built by the Turks in the 16th century, but then in 1896 pools and saunas were attached to it – and it turned out what we see today. The most pleasant place of the baths is, of course, the rooftop Jacuzzi: from it, there is an excellent view of Mount Gellert, Erzsebet Bridge, and the Danube panorama. However, if you only have one day at the baths, we would advise you not to go to Rudash – nothing is outstanding, the opening hours are not the most convenient, and the price tag is quite high compared to other baths.

On weekends, there are mixed days, on Tuesdays – for women, the rest for men, and therefore often, walking along the embankment, you can see pensioners basking on the roof of the Budapest thermal baths.

Night parties at best thermal baths in Budapest

On Saturdays, Budapest Hungary baths Széchenyi and Rudas turn into thermal nightclubs after sunset. This format of parties cannot be found anywhere else in the world.

It all started in 1994 in Szechenyi with a random private party for friends, which has grown into a “Hungarian landmark” on a global scale. Every year the night festivals are attended by about 55,000 guests from 165 countries. Around hot spring baths in Budapest there are screens where video clips are broadcast, loud music turns on, bars start to work.
Twice a year, in August and on New Year’s Eve, the Sinetrip night festival is held in the Szechenyi Baths. The incredible combination of history and nightlife attracts travelers from all over the world to Budapest again and again. The festival program includes performances of aerial acrobats, laser shows, fire shows, installation in 3D format, and much more. it will not leave you indifferent!

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