Biggest roller coaster in the world


If you want to go on vacation and make your children happy, or if you are a big fan of all things with thrills, you will probably be interested in discovering the tallest roller coaster in the world. Indeed, amusement parks are probably the place where the beauty and magic of all seasons come alive. Whether it is at Christmas to experience a true magical moment, in Summer to take advantage of being squirted in water attractions, or during the Fall to experience the scares of Halloween, amusement parks have the incredible ability to only bring memorable moments to life with family, friends and even colleagues. In addition to that, there are attractions that we never try of with the feelings of extreme fear they make us feel: the highest rollercoaster. Rollercoasters are tracks on rails to which you are attached and which make you experience intense drops, sometimes even to the point of turning, what we call the looping. The rollercoasters were inspired by the sensations obtained during the toboggan races. It was in the 1970s that they became popular in Europe as in the districts of Paris for example. For a long time, these were made of wood and were structures combining complex architectures. Nowadays, rollercoasters have grown all over the world offering higher and higher and sensational rides sometimes combining staging, fire, music, water, and even seeing different creatures.

the highest rollercoaster

In the rest of this article, we, therefore, invite you to discover the world’s largest roller coaster, enough to challenge all your fears of the great void. We will present to you a selection of the highest ride in the world to finally experience scares of the highest roller coasters in the world.

Tallest coasters in the world

tallest roller coaster ever


To discover the tallest roller coaster, you will have to go to Sin City, in other words, Las Vegas. Indeed, in the USA, casinos are also a place where you can be afraid, especially by boarding the X-Stream, one of the four attractions of the Stratosphere Hotel. It is a wagon with only room for a few people and which descends only 21 meters. However, these 21 meters are located at an altitude of over 260 meters. So although the descent is short, the stop is done with a vision in the void giving the sensation of propelling you into the void. For this reason, it is the tallest ride in the world as it starts at the top of the tower. If you’ve ever wanted to feel what it could be like to leap into the void, this attraction will give you a good feeling that’s almost a little too real.

Star Wars Hyperspace Mountain – Disneyland Paris

To continue on the big is a roller coaster, Star Wars Hyperspace Mountain from Disneyland Paris is the striking new take on Space Mountain. It is one of the flagship attractions of the theme park and possibly the best known in Disneyland Park. In the attraction, a spaceship immerses you in the atmosphere of the Star Wars universe for an intergalactic battle. Thus, the sensations of the roller coaster will propel you into a whole new Star Wars experience, so real you never thought you would experience it. Take your place in the Rebellion and lead the confrontation against the Empire in the best possible way. Minimum height to access the attraction: 1.20 m.

Steel Dragon 2000

biggest roller coaster drop in the world

If you like to make the fun last, you have to board the Steel Dragon 2000 which happens to be the longest roller coaster, it is not the biggest roller coaster ever but it is the longest you can find in the world. Its distance is 2,479 meters. In addition to this exceptional length, you will hardly have time to realize it because it is impressively fast. Indeed, the attraction will take you on an adventure at over 153 km / h. To be able to have the chance to ride this metal dragon with impressive speed and length, you will need to travel to Japan. Take the opportunity to discover amusement parks inspired by the local culture.

Kingda Ka

If you want to experience thrills, the Kingda Ka is the biggest roller coaster drop in the world. If you want to take to the skies and face your most primitive fears, nothing could be easier, just board this rollercoaster mountain which is located at Six Flags Great Adventure in Jackson, New Jersey (USA). ). A little less than a kilometer to go and a pretty height of 139 meters await you, the size of the pyramid of Cheops. For the record, the name of the attraction was given in reference to one of the park’s tigers, which you may even meet once there in addition to having been lucky enough to have survived the tallest roller coaster ever.

Full Throttle

If you like to have your head upside down, you will surely love the Full Throttle, this attraction which has the particularity of having the highest vertical loop in the world with a height of 49 meters. This roller coaster, which reaches 110 k / h at top speed, is located in California, northwest of Los Angeles. It’s a thrill ride that will give you a funky loop you’ve probably never experienced before.

the highest roller coasters in the world


Once again, you will need to travel to Japan to the amusement park found at Fuji-Q Highland Amusement Park to be able to experience the world’s biggest rollercoaster drop adventure. This attraction was the record holder with the steepest drop going to 121 degrees of incline. If you want to experience the safety of an empty fall, this is probably the only place on earth where you will have the chance. The attraction stretches for a kilometer of pure fright that you will reach in less than 120 seconds while exceeding 100 km / h.

Silver Star

To be able to experience this attraction, you will need to go to Europa Park located in Rust. This attraction is probably one of the tallest in Europe reaching an A of 73 meters. They will make you whirl around with different turns, loops, and descents that can go up to 130 mph, which will leave you disheveled. It is also one of the fastest roller coasters in Europe. If you want to feel a great adrenaline rush, nothing will be worth this attraction.

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