Best weekend getaways for couples

romantic destinations for couples

Paris is definitely the cliché of the city of love, and it’s not a Woody Allen or a Cedric Klapisch that will disagree with it. But the city of lights doesn’t have the monopole of romance, and away from the crowd of Paris, cities like Prague or Venice also have this taste of love in the air. In a period where romance is sometimes considered an old-fashioned charm, here is a selection of romantic getaway ideas that will probably make you change your mind. What are you waiting for to surprise your beloved, so check out now our top romantic destinations for couples to make your next trip a romantic getaway for two with a great deal of fairies.


best place to go on vacation for couples

Ok, ok, it’s still cliché, but even the biggest allergic to romance will fall for the Floating City. At the end of an alley, you’ll feel immersed in the decors of the great Italian theatre… Calm, fascinating, you will roam the city hand to hand, from the Piazza San Marco, where sits the most famous campanile of Italy, the great Basilica and the Doge Palace, to the Ponte dei Sospiri, where your heart will escape a sigh while passing under the bridge escorted by a gondolier. La Serenissima, La Dominante, The Queen of Adriatic, the City of Masks, or the City of Canals, doesn’t matter how you prefer to call it, but Venice has it all and is probably the best place to go on vacation for couples.


Pretty much unexpected, Stockholm deserves its spot as one of the best places to travel as a couple. The Swedish capital is ideal for a couple getaway; you’ll get lost in the medieval alleys of Gamla Stan neighborhood, or stroll in the gardens of Rosendal before seeking refuge in a café to enjoy the traditional kanelbullar (cinnamon toast). With the crossing of the archipelago on a boat, no doubt, Stockholm deserves its nickname of “The Venice of the North” and is definitely one of the best places for couples to visit.


Give up on Madrid or Barcelona, and head up to a warmer city more in the south… The Andalusian capital is chock-full of a sunny terrace, bars, and treasures of architecture, the heritage of its Arabic past. The weather being pleasant all over the year, you can take your beloved to a romantic face-to-face pic-nic in the parc of María Luisa, and then go to see a flamenco show, to turn you on before the evening to come…From Monte Gurugu, Plaza de España, or Real Alcázar, Seville has it all of a romantic display, and is one of the best destinations for couples.


a romantic getaway for two

Known for its thermic sources, the city has it all for one of the best couple weekend getaway. Start in the sumptuous baths Gellért and Rudas, and then, in this same historical neighborhood, Buda, grab the hand of your significant other and climb together with the hill of the castle district by foot or with a funicular to admire together the church of Matias and the numerous baroque style houses, with a terrific view on the Danube and the Parliament; and to end up perfectly a magical weekend, enjoy a fairytale sunset, lighting the castles and the rococo architecture.


For a weekend made of art and culture, the Swiss city of Basel cannot be more appropriate! It’s nice to stroll down the paved and intricate streets of the old town, to discover the Basler Münstler cathedral and the shining red Town hall of the city. Basel can’t be more typical and intimate and is definitely one of the best couple getaways. But Basel is also and mostly a center of contemporary art, and gathers a number of museums, among them, the Kunstmuseum, or Beyeler Foundation located in buildings designed by Renzo Piano.


The city of Tangier is steeped in the Beat Generation and is probably the trendiest city of Morocco, where artists, creators, and writers like to gather. Bathed in a warm light that shines on the white and blue walls of the city, Tangier is one of the best trips for couples and sets a romantic display any time of the year. Let yourself get lost in the mazes of the old Medina, as only guide the delicious aroma of the jewel of the Moroccan kitchen, the pastilla, or rent a car for the weekend to ride along the coast until Cap Spartel, hair blowing in the breeze, just like Tennesse Williams, Truman Capote or William S. Burroughs did 60 years ago.


Probably one of the most romantic capitals of Europe, Prague has it all for you to have one of the best couple weekend getaways. On the menu, Baroque churches, gothic cathedrals, fog and medieval castles slightly frightening, magical bridges, cobblestone streets, and a number of cafés to warm up with a good hot chocolate and some cukroví (shortbread biscuits) after a long day of roaming around.


This Vikings city is so charming that it’s impossible not to fall in love with it. Enjoy a little crusade in the Bay of Dublin, or grab a bike to check out what is going on in the trendy district of the Temple Bar. From Trinity College to the castle of Dublin, the city is a true jewel to discover by foot. Fun fact, Dublin was the destination of the honeymoon of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, if this is not a guarantee of a weekend under the auspices of love, I don’t know what it is…


best couple weekend getaways

If you still are looking for couple vacation ideas, last but not least on our list is Copenhagen, which sets a true fairytale display for a perfect romantic getaway full of warmth despite the chilly weather. Stroll down the district of Nyhavn, say hi to the iconic little mermaid that watch over the visitors, check out the Rosenborg Castle, impressive remains of the 16th century, and reconnect to your inner child in the park of Tivoli, before trying a Smørrebrød (traditional Danish breakfast) in the indoor market of Torvehallerne. Copenhagen is green and features a lot of beautiful flowered parks where you can sit for a romantic pic-nic in between two visits, before heading to a nice stroll on the canals, ideal for lovers.

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