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Tired of getting caught in the rain or heat before going out? Indeed, the weather plays an important role in travel forecasting for example it will allow you to determine what clothes to take and what you will need to equip yourself with to have a good stay whatever the weather. With our selection of the best weather apps, you can easily find multi-day forecasts, rainfall or speed cameras on your smartphone, in an interface that suits you. Yes, the weather is very often included in one form or another directly on our smartphones with the operating system. But many users prefer to have a real application dedicated to sky forecasting to better cope with bad weather and heat waves. In the rest of this article, you will discover the best weather radar app to find out what the weather will be like during your vacations. We have made a selection of different free weather radar apps available on different platforms.

Best free weather radar app


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METEOSKY is one of the best free weather radar apps. It’s a good weather radar app because it will inform you with complete service of information. It gives you the choice between different weather models (GFS Europe and France, GEFS, ECMWF/CEP, UKMO, NOGAPS, COAMPS…) and allows you to have a lot of different forecasts, especially to warn you about the level of aerosols, especially those that trigger allergies.


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Yahoo is renown as one of top weather radar apps. This real time weather radar app may have lost the battle of the search engines, but its services are still very popular. And the best of them is none other than Yahoo Weather, whose extremely well-designed application with superb photos of the web to illustrate the weather forecasts around the world will certainly make you fall under its spell. This application conquered the market for its creativity in giving time with beautiful photos.


Finding out what precipitation is coming, the trend for the next few days, and complete weather reports is not complicated. What Carrot adds to all of this is a colorful and fun interface that comes alive with the weather and offers you some heartfelt jokes to illustrate it all. It’s simple and it’s a local weather map app that inform you about the weather while bringing a lot of fun.


best weather map app

If you’re looking for the weather and nothing but the weather, then Today Weather will surely suit you. With its extremely clean interface, the application doesn’t beat around the bush and offers everything you’re entitled to expect (forecasts, precipitation, radar…) in a coating that will please even the most minimalist.


One of the oldest weather applications, but also one of the most complete. It is a true meteorological base that stands out for its high accuracy. This application is recognized as one of the best weather maps. It provides accurate temperature information. It is mainly its accuracy that makes this application a quality application. It also allows you to have weather forecasts based on your exact location. By downloading this application, you will also have access to different satellite maps that will give you information on rain and snow in the different regions you are interested in. In addition, it provides an estimate of the different temperature changes that may take place in the following hours. It is an application that is recognized worldwide.


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WeatherBug is perhaps the most advanced weather application available that allows you to see weather phenomena in real time. This best live weather radar analyze the weather in more detail, it will give you everything you need. The application is available on almost all the devices. It offers the possibility to display forecasts by location but also by theme (mountain weather, marine weather, etc.). It has a fully customizable widget. But that’s not all! The application also allows direct access to the reading of the wind under the temperature of each deadline. In addition, you will be able to discover the forecasts for the next 10 days. This weather tracking app also allows you to get a notification when major weather events take place in the region you are in. For example, you will be notified when there is a risk of flooding in the area you are in. You can also access of radar and satellite animations for the next three hours.

In addition to this guide, we could also mention Dark Sky, the very popular ultra-local weather application bought by Apple. It is only available on the App Store and has unfortunately disappeared from the Play Store. Moreover, it does not work in all country of Europe. In this article, we have introduced you to all the applications available for weather information. All you have to do now is to choose among them the best weather map app for you.

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