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Who says going on a trip has to be associated with arriving tired and exhausted before you can even enjoy your vacation or work time abroad? Being able to make your travel time a time to rest and take care of yourself is essential to be able to arrive fresh and in full capacity at your new destination. Whether traveling by plane, car, bus, or train, it is important that the journey allows you to rest and even better, to sleep. This will limit jet lag for long trips while passing time much faster. Although it seems easy to get to, most transportation is done in a sitting position and it is common to have neck pain or back pain that prevents you from sleeping properly. Fortunately, several companies specializing in travel comfort have developed cushions that make it possible to lighten your posture during the trip while promoting sleep. In this article, we suggest you take a closer look at the best travel neck pillow. From the best memory foam travel pillow to other top rated travel pillows, we offer you one of the best selections to make your travels a real moment of rest, enough to sleep your head in the clouds.

What is the best travel pillow?

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There are several types of top rated neck pillow, the most flexible, the inexpensive, the more practical, and the kit ones. However, it can sometimes be difficult to choose which are the best models that can be found on the market. It is common to think that a simple pillow that is used in beds would meet the need. When traveling, they turn out to be inconvenient, bulky, and do not really support the neck. To be able to choose the right travel cushion, it is important that its covering is soft, that the interior foam is pleasant, and that the design allows easy transport. There are different types of transport cushions such as, for example, the model of which is specifically designed to suit a type of body type or a type of position. In general, models with an interior made of micro-beads as well as airbags are generally less comfortable compared to the foam cushion which is considered the best neck travel pillow.

World’s best travel pillow

In the rest of this article, we have made a special selection of the best neck support travel pillow to make your trip comfortable and relaxing. We have made you a top 3 of the brands and models that offer the best travel sleep pillow.

best compact travel pillow

Udream de Travel Earth

The models of Udream travel cushion offered by the brand specializing in travel. Travel Earth is a complete and comfortable model. It is one of the top rated travel pillows for several benefits it offers. It is particularly good for supporting the neck and therefore relieving the tensions that can be created in the spine during the sitting trip. In addition, this ergonomic shape will take the shape of your unique body. It is available in several colors such as red, gray, blue, yellow, green, or pink. It is a memory foam pillow and therefore it may be suitable for anyone who obtains it. It can therefore prevent you from developing back pain or tension in all types of seated trips from boat, plane, or even train. It is a pillow that takes up very little space and the design of which allows it to be folded upon itself.

Likewise, it is particularly light, so you can easily carry it in your hand luggage, light enough to always carry it when the urge for a nap takes you. The brand offers you for each purchase of a Udream, a transport pouch that will also facilitate its access and which allows you to always fold it up so that it takes up as little space as possible. In addition, you can use an adjustable strap that allows it to be carried as a shoulder bag. By purchasing travel cushions considered the best compact travel pillow, you will also have a 5-year warranty that will allow you to repair it in case of poor quality of the product. It is therefore a particularly practical model and therefore the complete design has been thought to suit the requirements of travel.

best memory foam travel pillow


In comparison to the previous cushion, this cushion is an inflatable model. So, its main advantage obviously lies in its practicality and in the fact that it can be easily slipped into very small travel spaces. In contrast, airbags are often less comfortable than foam cushions. It is therefore a cushion of average quality but with a relatively pleasant cover. A unique feature of this cushion is that you can remove the cover to wash it which is convenient as means of transport such as airplanes are often dirty places with a lot of bacteria due to a lot of traffic. It blows out in seconds and the same time to deflate it. You can empty the air just by pressing a button made for it.


This cushion is ideal for adults and comes in different colors such as red, gray, pink, purple, and blue. It is U-shaped and helps limit neck tension. It is soft and comfortable and perfect for relaxing during your travel time.

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