Best Month to Visit Egypt: When to Expect the Warmest Sea and Lowest Prices

best time to visit egypt

Egypt is a quite popular holiday destination among many tourists. And this is not surprising – the warm climate, high level of service, clean beaches and affordable prices annually attract more than 10 million tourists from all over the world.

One of the main features of the country is the lack of a clear division of the year into high and low seasons. The weather in many resorts is sunny and warm throughout the year. Of course, there is a difference between summer heat and winter coolness, but here everything would depend on the purpose of your trip – beach holidays, excursions, etc. Let’s figure it out, when is the best time to visit Egypt to make your vacation truly unforgettable?

Weather in Egypt in Different Months

December. The first 20 days are considered off-season when prices are fairly low and hotels are half empty. It is warm enough during the day, with the sea reaching 82 °F. December is the best month to visit Egypt in winter. But keep in mind that for the New Year and Christmas holidays there are more and more vacationers, and the prices are higher.

January. The sea is still warm, with a seawater temperature of about 71 °F. The air warms up to 77 – 84 °F, but in the evening temperatures can drop to 59 °F. Even though there would be no heat, you can still have a good rest and even have time to sunbathe a little. Of course, this is not the best time to go to Egypt if your main goal is to lie on the beach and swim, but during this period you can save a lot on tickets and hotels. This is the perfect time to visit the pyramids of Cheops and other attractions that cannot be reached due to hot weather.

February. If your goal is a beach holiday, then certainly do not choose February, as this is the coldest month. Although desperate tourists swim in the already cold water, we recommend that you wait at least another month or two. But if you come to take walks in the capital or take a drive around the neighborhood, then this is a great time to do it. Cairo’s tourism is especially popular at this time, as there is no sultry, exhausting heat and crowds of tourists. The weather in Cairo at this time is quite mild, with temperatures reaching 72 °F.

March. With the beginning of spring, a hot wind begins to blow from the desert, which brings a lot of sand. The air temperature, as well as prices, are getting higher every day. But if you want to swim in the sea, then we advise you to wait a little longer, because after two such cold months the water in the sea did not have time to warm up well.

The Best Times of Year to Visit Egypt Are Spring and Autumn

The Best Times of Year to Visit Egypt Are Spring and Autumn

April. It is finally getting warm, the air warms up to 86-89 °F and the sea is getting warmer every day. During this period, tourists slowly begin to tighten, so do not expect too low prices.

May. This is rightfully one of the best times to go to Egypt. The weather is pleasantly warm, but not stuffy. Since the beginning of May is the time of holidays, the amount of free places in hotels is rapidly running out. Undoubtedly, this is reflected in prices. But in mid-May, the cost of rest returns to the April level.

June. At this time, demand falls, which is caused by the opening of other resorts. It gets pretty hot in June, but prices, especially towards the end of the month, are very low.

July and August. These two months are not the best times to visit Egypt, as the heat is unbearable. It is possible to sunbathe only until noon or in the evening, otherwise, there is a risk of burning out very quickly. Average daily temperatures in July and August can reach 100 °F.

September. Great weather to relax, it is hot but bearable. The seawater is pretty warm and the prices are low.

October and November. This is the best time to visit Egypt. Optimum water and air temperature. True, the cost of tours begins to grow every week, since at other resorts the season ends. In the first week of November, because of the holidays, the cost rises, then the average price level is kept until the end of the month.

The peculiarity of the Egyptian climate is the winds, which are observed almost all year round. The constant wind on the seashore creates a pleasant, cool feeling, but does not diminish the sun’s rays in any way. Remember to protect your skin.

Cheapest Time to Travel to Egypt

When planning a vacation, many tourists pay attention not only to weather conditions in a particular season, but also to the cost of tours. And even though Egypt is considered one of the most budgetary destinations for seaside vacations, there is also a gradation of prices depending on the time of the year. So let’s figure out when is the cheapest time to fly to Egypt?

In late spring, summer, and early autumn, it is difficult to catch affordable tours – these are high seasons, which are characterized by a large flow of tourists. True, you still have the opportunity to save money, namely, to purchase hot tours. This is the perfect offer from travel companies to take you on a trip and still get up to 70% off! The main thing is to follow the current offers and be ready to fly to the sea at any time.

You can find the cheapest prices in winter, but even here it all depends on the case. For example, closer to the New Year, the number of people wishing to celebrate the holiday at the resort is growing. Of course, prices also rise during this period. And only after all the New Year and Christmas holidays, the cost of the tours is dropped again. You can also relax cheaply in March and late autumn.

When Is the Best Time to Travel to Egypt with Children?

When choosing the best time to travel to Egypt with children, it is important to focus primarily on the weather at a particular resort. It is better to refuse a trip with children in the two hottest months of the year – July and August. At this time, the thermometer can rise to 110 °F. And even if the heat is tolerated a little easier on the coast, such a high temperature is much more difficult for children to endure.

Things to Do in Egypt

Things to Do in Egypt

In Egypt, there are a lot of things that you may not see anywhere else, and in the first place, of course, the pyramids. Excursion trips to Cairo and Luxor would be offered to you at any Egyptian resort since they are inexpensive and very interesting. You would not only see the majestic pyramids and rich tombs of the pharaohs, but also touch the history of the ancient civilization.

If this is not enough, you can always go on a trip along the Nile river and discover almost all the cultural monuments of Egypt. Starting from the temple of the bird-headed god Horus, surrounded by 32 columns, and ending with the temple complex of the crocodile-headed god Sobek.

Those who have wished to dive deep with a mask or even to scuba dive have chosen the right direction. The waters of the Egyptian seas are extremely transparent, and the coral reefs are fraught with an endless variety of vibrant and diverse inhabitants. Even experienced divers would remember the local dives with delight for a long time.

What if you find yourself in the desert? The desert in Egypt may seem dead at first glance, but there is also a lot to discover here. For example, go on an ATV and jeep trip. Visit the many oases with their healing hot springs. Get acquainted with real Bedouins, and while away the time with them at traditional tea drinking. See the famous White Desert, with its amazing stone figures.

Egypt is the best solution, both for a company of young people and families with small children. Rest here is presented for every taste and budget – from luxury rooms to modest and cozy apartments. The main thing is to choose when to go to Egypt. This can be done based on your wishes. Do you want to enjoy swimming in the sea? Be sure to come to the resorts of Egypt in late spring, summer, or autumn. Do you like long walks and want to visit as many excursions as possible? Late fall, winter, and early spring are perfect for this.

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