Best things to see and do in Seattle

funnest things to do in seattle

If you dream of experiencing American life as you’ve always seen yourself through Hollywood movies, Seattle will satisfy all your fantasies. This city in the state of Washington is one of the most important American cities, mainly known for its port and its industrial decor with contemporary architecture. The name of the town is that of the Amerindian chief who was in charge when it was founded. Seattle is located near the border between Canada and the United States. It is also often called “Rain City” and because of its gloomy and underground atmosphere, it is the place where grunge music comes to life with groups such as Nirvana or Jimmy Hendrix. You can also get an impression of the city by watching Gray’s Anatomy, Twilight, or Into the Wild tv show, to anticipate your trip and the landscapes that you will rediscover upon your arrival. In this article, we will offer you the top things to see in Seattle during your stay in this unique country in the USA. By reading this article, you’ll discover all the fun things to do in Seattle WA.

Best things to do Seattle

top things to see in seattle

Pike Market Center

The Public Market Center is probably one of Seattle’s best-known tourist attractions and one of Seattle’s top things to do. All products can be found in the Pike Market Center; fruits, vegetables, meats, fish, crafts. When you arrive at the market, you will find a notice board with the inscription: “Public Market Center” and a clock on the right. The red neon lights on the poster recall an atmosphere that dates from another era. Like this sign, the bronze pig that greets visitors to Pike Market Center is an iconic symbol of this must-see place and bears Rachel’s name. You can make a donation there which will be donated to various social services at the end of the year. Namely, that this piggy bank generates between 6,000 to 9,000 dollars per year, an amount that helps the most disadvantaged people. Entering the market, you will witness a spectacle as surprising as surreal with fish flying from fishmonger to fishmonger. Indeed, with each sale, the salesmen throw the fish in the air to take advantage of this to make memorable images alive. Pike Market Center is a perfect destination for the first foray into life and one of the many Seattle fun things to do.

Le premier Starbuck

This attraction is perfect to do after the Pike Place Market and two things to see and in Seattle. Indeed, both are located near and in the city center. It is therefore impossible to do one without taking advantage of discovering the other. They are therefore the two tourist attractions par excellence and are accessible from one to the other on foot thanks to a short walk on 1st avenue which will lead you directly to the first Starbucks Café. The most popular coffee chain in the United States settled there in 1971. But don’t plan on enjoying your coffee there, unless you have golden patience. For an on-site order, you will need to queue for a minimum of 45 minutes, and that does not matter whether it is open or close time.

fun things to do in seattle wa

Bubble Gum Wall

If you venture into the nearby alleys you will probably start to smell “chewing gum”. Indeed, since 1993, a new trend has developed at Post Alley, that of sticking chewed gum on the walls. The city tried to get rid of it by completely cleaning up the wall in 2015. It is difficult to change habits, however. While more than 1000 kg of chewing gum had been removed, the wall is now completely covered again, probably in the same amount if not more. This urban attraction is a must-do in Seattle but beware of people vulnerable to germs. Indeed, the attraction was still named as “one of the 5 tourist attractions with the most germs in the world”.

The popular culture museum

The Seattle Museum of Popular Culture, or MoPOP, is by far one of the coolest museums and fun things to do in Seattle. Indeed, this museum traces virtually only popular music, mainly that of the 1990s, the era of the famous “Sex, drug and Rockn’roll” philosophy. You will find all the memories of your best youth there with cassettes, stereo, and the Rolling Stone magazine. You will find a grandiose broadcast of Pearl Jam on the giant screen in the entrance hall to propel you into a unique and timeless concert atmosphere. You can also get lost in a musical instrument room where you can make a live recording and listen to the result instantly. Who knows, maybe you will discover a hidden talent of a future international rock star. A complete section is dedicated to the group Nirvana, originally from Seatle, with unpublished interviews as well as many anecdotes that have never been revealed to the general public.

seattle top things to do

In this article, we have made a selection of things to do near Seattle during your stay in this unique city and follower the underground scene. We also recommend that you just get a taste of just walking around the city going from one attraction to another to experience different pubs, cafes, and the daily life of the people of Seattle.

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